Monday, April 8, 2013

An Important Period in Life

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  1. Call me in a week, else pass the beer

  2. Looks like the welfare system dodged another bullet.

  3. Does that mean she’s a Wiccan? I’d be surprised if she was.
    “THERE REALLY IS A GOD! Mother nature you have done it again…”

  4. I feel an immense relief after I poop.

  5. hannibal-lecture

    what a slut

  6. This gives me an idea for a business. Buying stuff that people feel too awkward to buy, then delivering it with a pizza so as to throw off suspicion.

  7. ^awesome concept. If only there were some way one could order and have things delivered almost anonymously…perhaps with the use of electronics or sumin?

  8. Nice, that means five days of bareback…

  9. As the saying goes ” If she bleeds, she breeds”. That said, I would turn this virgin into a filthy whore by destroying her anus and pussy with my huge cock. In no time she’d be milking me bone dry.

  10. Is Elsior a virgin?

  11. ^thats the general concensus.

  12. Too “socially awkward” to buy a pregnancy test, but advertising her period is on Facebook doesn’t seem to bother her…weird.

  13. You know what else helps when you don’t want to get pregnant? Either not having sex or using birth control…gee what a concept.

  14. ^ And oral sex.

  15. #7 I’m fully aware of the internet allowing you to order virtually anything online and have it delivered anonymously, however that doesn’t always work within the necessary time constraints.

  16. Wait until she’s bent double with cramps, she’ll wish she was up the duff.

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