Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Unfortunate Name

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    This has to be the second Bieber joke I laughed at.

  2. “About Justin John.”

    Cool censorship bro

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Also, Lamebook forgot to blur his “middle name”. Damn Adm|ns.

  4. It’s Jobby time.

  5. Ha! ” I like prostitutes,booze and cigarretes. FUCK KIDS.”

    You’re my new hero dawg.

  6. I totally want to find this dude and have a drink with him.

  7. ^tru dat dawg,he the only Justin Bieber i’d like to kick it with.

  8. I searched him at FB then I noticed that he has only 13 friends and all of them are pretty young.. So this is a fraud..

  9. #6 and #7, as a fellow homosexual i can understand why you both want to go for a drink with this fine figure of a man. his rampant homophobia, and repeated references to ‘dick’ and ‘ass’ clearly exhibit a repressed craving for cock, something you both identify with. the freudian association of “FUCK” with “KIDS” is probably something you can relate to as well.

    i bet you both wish you could nestle into his furry chest and call him daddy. then, after he fucks you, you could go back to calling each other manly things like ‘dude’ and ‘dawg’, and discuss the merits of prostitutes, alcohol and cigarettes.

    closet gays on the internet are so adorable. we should have a meet up – where do you boys live?

  10. #8 – Not to mention all of that information was just added on Monday.

    The fact that so many of these are fake is a bit disheartening.

  11. everygray – and he only has one picture. What a surprise. Then again, perhaps the first one was ugly enough to break the camera.

  12. vaginalroundhouse

    He has a cool pipe. Unless it’s Justin Beiber’s pipe……ha

  13. lol vincent you aint even a funny troll or flamer,piece of advice tho dawg,try going out sometimes and maybe you can find friend IRL.

  14. 2 pieces of advice, dawg:

    1. learn english
    2. embrace your sexuality

  15. What out vincent, you’re messing with Steve Urkel himself.

  16. watch* >.<

  17. No, Steve Urkel was funny and not a duesche.

  18. I’d rather kick it with that old man than associate myself with Vincent who apparently don’t have a social life,thinking drinking or hanging out with male acquaintances is homosexual. Try harder Vincent,you might be a cool guy on the internet one day. If not in real life “dawg”. And get those sand out of your vagina.

    Also Hawkbit,you can suck my dick after your bf Vincent get off it.

  19. I have 50 year old Bieber fever.

  20. Justin Bieber from Ohio looks a lot like Saddam Hussain… from Iraq.

  21. He looks like Robin Williams being all classy with a pipe.

  22. @17: What’s a duesche? A Deutsch douche?

  23. Fake

  24. @18 yodawg…

    Yeah… get those sands out of your vaginas

    And looks me ups if you’re ever in the townings, where I’m livings, so you can suck my dickings…

  25. He also has a fanpage with almost 5000 likes…

  26. @Gonzo yeah i will dawg after you stick a finger in your butthole and smell it.

  27. He had a perfectly fine name until that no-talent ass clown came along and ruined it.

  28. I sent this to lamebook last night. Got published pretty fast – I guess I can forget about my personal “lamebooks” being posted here – submitted those 3 months ago.

    Ah, well. My fb activity just isn’t funny/lame enough.
    Life goes on.

  29. I’m gay- do I get to hang out with Vincent?

  30. Furthermore, as a homosexual I’m not offended by Mr. Bieber’s liberal use of ‘ass bandit.’

  31. All this homo-erotic talk has me a little flustered. Does this mean I like the penis also? I know I love my beautiful penis. I wonder if all penises are as beautiful as mine. Also, I sucked a dick for a double cheeseburger once. But that doesn’t make me gay because it was strictly for survival purposes only. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.)

    Wordy, can you help me out with this one? I’m afraid Vincent will give me a biased opinion.

  32. This was a nice idea, though, reminiscent of Michael Bolton in Office Space. He had that name first. Right, bullmoose?

  33. That’s not Justin Bieber at all, that’s Captain Haddock.

  34. All this gaywad talk is queer as hell, I’m gonna punch you gu– HELLOOOO FRISCO, YA TAH TAH TAH TAHHHHH! I LOOOOVE A PARAAAADEEEE!

  35. Sounds like those were desperate times, defectiveuser. You did what you had to do, I guess. Not gay. As for vincent’s opinion, well, of course he’d think that what you did makes you gay, but he thinks everyone is a cocksucker.

  36. Or he would like everyone to be a cocksucker…

  37. ^^^Ahh sweet! Yet another douche added to the Hall of Lame!

  38. Justin Bieber looks like Saddam Hussein.

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