Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anger of the Irish

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  1. *sigh* I wish we had a derogatory term like “chav” here in the states.

  2. That post was magically delicious.

  3. As someone who works on a til I gave

  4. As someone who works on a til I have to say the guy sounds like an arsehole. It was a reasonable question, if everyone comes in and pays for something worth a quid with a 20 pound note you run out.of change very quickly. Plus she could have been there hours

    (also customers who joke about not having to pay are the worst)

  5. Screw you trunks, do your fucking job.
    I say: BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

  6. #4, cashiers should know that they’re going to handle rowdy and obnoxious customers. They should wear a smile and take their shit in. It’s all part of the job.

  7. @Fat Tire, what about “trailer trash”?

    Also this post is giving me deja vu.

  8. ^Hmm, Trailer Trash and ‘Chavs’ aren’t quite the same – although I guess similar in many ways. Here in the UK, trailer park inhabitants are normally known as ‘pikeys’ or simply gypsies, Chavs on the other hand tend to occupy the state owned mass-housing areas (Council houses to us, similar to what you might call ‘Projects’)

    I don’t know about American Rednecks, but British chavs are particularly vicious, classless, and badly-dressed – actually, they take their dress sense from what they see in American rap videos, it’s always amusing to see a white guy wearing chains and baggie sportswear, strolling down his shitty street thinking that he’s Tupac or 50 Cent.

  9. ^ The term “trash” covers that category. Also, ghetto, lowlife, punk, thug, scum, etc. You get the picture.

    I do like the term “asshat.” That one is difficult to top.

  10. ^asshat is indeed an awesome term. and DanR, regarding the white dude wearing baggy pants and gold chains, here in the states, a lot of us would refer to that guy as a ‘chotch’.

  11. Hate to ruin the joke, but I’m pretty sure you can only get cash back at Asda in increments of ten.


  12. Bogan.

  13. I was a retail customer service manager for a while at the Mart of the Wal. Running out of change in the till was a big no-no for my cashiers. They’re supposed to notify a supervisor to exchange some big bills for rolls of coins or smaller bills. I can’t blame the customer here. Do a better job, cashier wench

  14. Frankie, to me, a bogan is a tripod. It wasn’t until you Aussies educated me on that one.

  15. Best education I got from an Aussie was when one told me that “fanny pack” is a slang term for a vagina

  16. ^ actually, just fanny means vagina. Whenever an american refers to their arse that way, I always cringe.

    Beatus, if you want to further your education, I highly recommend thingsboganslike dot com

  17. “Aussie education” is the best oxymoron I’ve heard in a while.

  18. @13, as someone who also worked for the same company, CSMs were assholes when is came to giving cashiers change and/or actually helping *anyone*.

    @6, no, that is not “part of [our] job”. Our job is to be friendly and polite – to a point. I guarantee you that this scenario didn’t go down the way the OP suggested. She was probably trying to explain to him that everyone else (including the managers) was busy at that exact moment (it happens more often than you think it would) and that she didn’t have the correct amount of change in her register. I’ve been there. When she asked if he wanted cash back, it wasn’t done in a sarcastic way, it’s probably a mandatory thing.

  19. Saw some crazy old lady at Walmart last night go postal on the pharmacist. Completely uncalled for. Highly amusing to spectators.

  20. And not all that related to this post

  21. Gee, Frankie, when I started reading your post, I thought you were going to offer me a one-on-one education at your place.

  22. What a load of shit treetrunks. The guy was courteous enough to apologise for not having anything smaller, the chav cretin on the till had a strop about it (imagine having to actually do her job!) so he retaliated. Perfectly reasonable! If she’d asked if he had anything smaller because she was low on change that would be fair enough, but the “I don’t wanna count out £18.97” makes it clear she’s an obnoxious lazy bitch who should be sacked. How bloody hard is it to count out £18.97 anyway? £10 note, £5 note, 3 £1 coins, 50p coin, 2 20p coins, 5p coin, 2p coin. Simples! If that’s ‘all the change’ a supermarket till has there’s a problem.

  23. Obvioulsy a lot of you fucks have never worked a shit job as a register monkey. Seriously you can run out of change in about three crusties. The problem is the corporations only want like $30 maximum in the register at any time, cause when you pay your employees under the poverty line they are more likely to steal from you. Also no, taking shit from losers like this is not in the job description. The corner store isn’t a fucking bank and the cashier explaining they don’t have change isn’t a jerk for it.

    Also I think we in the US could probably use SWAG interchangeably with CHAV.

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