Monday, December 6, 2010

Animated Abuse

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  1. I have been posting this everywhere:

  2. Ben and Liam for the WIN 🙂

  3. ugh, really, Ben? .. sigh

  4. My friend Bryan did the same thing as Justin.

  5. Someone please clue me in on where that cartoon bear is from.

  6. NM I went off a hunch and was able to find it by searching for “pedophile bear.” Well done Liam and Krystal.

  7. I’d been wondering why so many of my FB friends were cartoons today. I never imagined that PedoBear was responsible.

  8. I like how the Snopes article boomstick posted refers to ‘slacktivism’. As if the world isn’t entirely too full of that crap these days.

  9. …what happened to changing it to a Pokemon just because? Not to “save the abused kids” (impossible to do by changing your profile pic you fucktard, you’re not even including a link to donate to a cause or assist in any way) not even to molest/abuse kids…just because Pokemon was the shit.

  10. Someone enlighten me. I have no desire to have “pedophile bear” in my search history.

  11. Pedophile bear should be pretty self explanatory, no?

    If it isn’t, you can always clear your history.

  12. This has been pissing me off for days, it’s that shitty handbag/bra colour thing all over again. I’m not so pissed off by the fact that people are doing it, but that people keep repeating the fucking thing saying ‘This is for the NSPCC to stop child abuse.’

    No. The NSPCC have said this is NOTHING to do with them. How the fuck will it even prevent child abuse? It’s just like fucking Comic Relief or Red fucking Nose day where everybody trots around dressed as a fucking clown, wearing funny clothes and doing funny things, and all us middle class knob-ends can feel all smug that we’re doing something, YEAH 😀

    Wait, no, that’s not what pissed me off. What pissed me off is people just fucking regurgitating other shit they’ve seen without bothering to look for a fucking source. Why are people so stupid? This is why celebrity death hoaxes spread, it’s why I continue to get chain e-mails when I assumed anyone stupid enough to fall for them must have accidentally sawn their own faces off years ago, and it’s why going to Facebook makes me want to take a massive shit on top of the world.

  13. @BritishHobo, cheers to being better than everybody else!

    And why does this have to be “for something”? I haven’t changed my profile picture, but a lot of my friends have. And they didn’t do it to “help stop child abuse,” they did it cause they felt like it. Why does it have to be anything more than that?

    Also, it theoretically could help by spreading awareness. The only problem is that if you’re not aware that this happens, then you probably won’t be able to help anyway.

  14. i just wanted an excuse to make Goku my profile picture for a while. :)so im ok with it. And i also think its a good way to know what kind of cartoons your friends like. like one of my friends like johnny bravo, another likes lady gaga……


  15. Like I said, I don’t mind people doing it. It’s just people who… ech, I don’t know, maybe it’s more a rant at the impossibly annoying people I have on my Facebook 😛 Get involved in these issues if you want, but I’m sick of people getting all high and mighty about ’em when they’re talking out of their anus.

  16. Also I may be going through one of my ‘I’d like to punch everybody in the world in the face’ phases.

  17. Ah, Hobo, i have those often. i really wasnt kidding about that one who put up lady gaga. and i was like “thats not a cartoon OR from your past, you jackass!” and he was all like “well i put up lady gaga to support lesbians and gays, and im just like……youre an idiot. And lady gaga is a psycho idiot and her music sucks.

    that was my rant. sorry guys.

    and yeah i know i said “like” way too many times.

  18. These were comical, however… annoying.

    A friend of mine on facebook made a HUGE deal about how stupid everyone was for changing their pictures. Now he posted something else that was mocking everyone for changing their pictures, some kind of status that you copy and paste. As if that is a lot cooler than posting your picture for a stand against child abuse.

    It’s just, old. Who freaking cares if someone changes their profile picture to “support a cause”? Seriously. Do you REALLY think you are a better person because you point out the fact that they are idiots?

  19. I'm Canadian Also

    @ MsBK
    yes, because some people actually think that they’re helping something.

  20. I changed my picture, but only because I wanted to. I also got frustrated at the amount of people who actually thought it was helping the prevention of Child Abuse in some way. Then I got a whole bunch of other people spreading around that it was starting by pedophiles to make getting into kids pants easier or some other bullshit. It was equally nonsensical.

    @MsBuzzkillington, I made a similar status except it was not really a ‘rant’ as such. I don’t think it’s necessary to point out people are idiots, but I do think it’s best to try and get people to think for themselves rather than just blindly believing something they see on the internet. I swear, if I get one more email or see another status about how “this month has 3 Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, only happens every 18395037 years etc.”, THEN I will get my rant on.

    The funny thing is though, the status I made ended on “Re-post this status to help find a cure for cancer and stop terrorism”, and I’ve actually seen several people re-post it. Obviously that’s not why, but still, I thought it was funny as I was not expecting it.

  21. Uh oh. Keep in mind I woke up < 10 minutes ago please. Ignore typos and grammar issues. That's what I get for reading over it AFTER posting, I guess.

  22. Justin and Liam FTFW!!! Ben is effing creepy! o.O

    I wasn’t aware that the cartoon profile thing had anything to do with helping stop child abuse (I just thought it was collectively agreed upon by a large amount of FBers that it is Cartoon Profile Pic Month or some shit). Agreed with Hobo on that front. The only way to stop child abuse is by…*thinks*…not abusing your children? But that’s just an idea that probably won’t go anywhere.

  23. My FB picture right now is Schmendrick the Magician from The Last Unicorn, but as candidcamera said… I’ll take any excuse. I’m not under the illusion that changing my profile picture is going to have any affect on violence towards children.

  24. I think the picture that “Ben” is using is that guy from Austria who locked his daughter in a basement for 20ish years and had several kids with her. I think that was the joke he was trying to make.

  25. Well we all know what Ben really looks like…ugh, it’s not pretty.

    Also, I can’t make out what Graeme’s picture is of.

    @24, I agree with you, that guy looks familiar and I didn’t remember where from until I read your comment.

  26. Yes, ben has chosen Fritzl, Mr. Lock my kid up for 20 years and rape the shit out of her and start a second family in the basement…who by the way had a completely innocent wife who hadn’t the faintest idea her husband was sneaking off all the time to bang their missing daughter. Yay family togetherness.

  27. They reported on the news here that this whole cartoon profile picture campaign was actually created by pedophiles. By having everyone on Facebook change their pictures to a cartoon character, it was much easier for them to lure children into accepting their friend requests… Oh the irony…

  28. Yes, and that is 100% bullplop, I assure you. Bullplop I tell you!

  29. @27 see #1.

  30. While I completely agree that these idiotic sheep get-togethers are irritating beyond all reason, I’m afraid I must play devil’s advocate: These pictures started you ranting, correct? How many of you donated or did something else to help prevent child abuse in an attempt to “take action” as opposed to the idiots who merely changed their profile pictures? When was the last time that you actually thought about the survivors and victims of child abuse, prior to this fad? Just a thought; not trying to belittle anyone’s opinion.

  31. Well this is how it went from my facebook friends – change profile pic to a cartoon from your past … just for fun. Then it was – change profile pic to a cartoon from your past …. to help children of abuse. Then it was – DONT DO IT, IT’S A BUNCH OF PAEDOS blah blah blah. Fucking ruined it for me, I really wanted an excuse to be She-ra for a while.

  32. Fucking cunty wankbags! This is a bastard outrage!

    Oh people are all ‘oooh lets save children by posting as cartoons!’ the pretentious cunticles, but when i post with a picture of my engorged weeping cock in a bid to promote awareness of prostate cancer does it catch on?!

    No…does it fuck! Heartless bastards the lot of ’em!

  33. Imamofo, I could provide you with a couple thumbs up to help promote awareness, and even go so far as like your status.

  34. I like everything about Imamofo’s posts. He should be the next “Shit My Dad Says.”

    I changed my status picture to a cartoon sexual deviant, adding that we should all “look through out childhood memories to help symbolize child abuse.”

    No one caught it, but fuck ’em: I got stupid friends.

    Now my picture in support of child abuse is of an aborted fetus. Aborted fetusi are never abused, just lovingly thrown away.

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