Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Anne Frankly I Think You’re A Moron

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  1. Guys…Clerks II.

    Come on.

  2. I’m not sure how Bieber does with the German female population in their mid 80s, I’m going to need to see some more data before I can belieb this.

  3. His German fans deserve a gold star…

  4. “This justin from CNN..”

  5. She wasn’t deaf and blind back then, but if she had the chance to watch a Justin Bieber video today, she’s stab herself in the ears and gouge her own eyes out.

    I only want that kid’s Fisker Karma. What a beautiful car.

  6. sleptwithghosts

    Obvious clerks 2 reference.

  7. Anne Frank was not deaf or blind (think writing in DIARY), you are probably getting your 10th grade Literature mixed up, thinking of Helen Keller,,,,,

  8. ^ Damn, u fo real, ain’t ya?

  9. Can we get another Picard pic for #7?

  10. No no NO #7. Anne Frank had a braille keyboard on her laptop. Her entire diary was written in morse code, so it beeped back at her. Helen Keller invented it.

  11. Why did I get down-voted? I’m f***ing right dammit.

  12. #11 Yeah I was thinking Randall the whole time.

  13. I’ma taking the low road and count the thumbs. Beatus, you made fun of Bieber and received more thumbs down. That, to me, is conclusive evidence that the majority of the little bitches in the comment sections of Lamebook, are in fact, 13 year old girls. And if anyone doesn’t like this inane ramble, they can swivel.

  14. Helen Keller was neither blind nor deaf, she just had an awesome sense of humour.

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