Friday, January 15, 2010

Another FANtastic Friday







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  1. Man up Andrew!

    – Sorry, had to be said.

  2. AH HA HA. I’m totally joining that group in the second post.

    As for Andrew.. poor pathetic little Andrew.. if a girl wanted to have another pussy around she’d become a lesbian.

  3. Dylan’s a douchebaguette.

  4. Surely all of these people that join ‘I hate people who’s Facebook picture is a car/them taking a pic in a mirror/a frog’ with that display picture, they’re either faking it or doing it to piss off people in the group?

    Either of those would just make it lamer, though…

  5. Dylan, I know some lesbians go by male names in order to be more “butch”, but come on! How about Bruce, Derek, or Johnny Cage? Then it’s more convincing when you turn around and tell me to “Suck Your Dick” when I hit on you from behind at the pub.

  6. are we laughing at Dylan being a girl joining an absurd group or Dylan being a dude and admitting to Facebook that he has no penis?

  7. I need the link to the Hitting Women group. LOL

  8. I like to punch me some bitches.

  9. Bitches love smiley faces.

  10. @retorq- If you find that link, lemme know…

  11. Facebook search?

    It ain’t that hard, dbags.

  12. OK then find it dbag. I’m still looking, the closest I came is hitting men.

  13. @ Village Idiot, bitches DO love smiley faces.

  14. @retorq: Are you punching some bitches, or your bitches. For that matter, how many bitches do you have? Just curious?

  15. I’ve got a few bitches, don’t you worry.

    Stephen became a fan of hitting girls.

    Stephen became a fan of Hitting on Hot Teachers.


  16. Hitting Women got reported and deleted! What the hell! Lamebook! You attract feminist weirdos to ruin our sexist fun! I am going to make that page again myself. 😀

  17. Hitting women has been reinstated. I encourage everyone to join it before I do or I might lose my feminist facebook friends.

  18. @Beanstalker: I am far from a feminist, I just asked about the dudes bitches, and now I know that he has “a few”. Good for you retorq, now go slap em.

  19. ThinkingInPictures

    You guys do know that being feminist is not the same as being one of those feminazi crazies out there these days, right? I mean, “feminist” shouldn’t be an insult. Just sayin’…

    Oh, that and the group wasn’t that funny that it warranted re-creation.

  20. My brand of feminism involves getting a man to bring me coffee after I bang his brains out. ahhhhh sweet liberation. “Just cream, luv”.

  21. ThinkingInPictures

    See, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! 😉

  22. HAHAHAHA @ Dylan.

    The rest are just lame!

  23. @ Anitalaff: Sub the coffee for beer and I’m right there with you.

  24. @scarfey

    get out.

  25. i totally know the jessy guy

  26. The Jessy one isn’t actually that lame… joining groups/becoming a fan of something of your own accord is different to ignoring constant requests/invites from others to do so – and I assume Jessy joined this group of their own accord.

  27. I don’t get the Jessy one at all…

  28. @Marc, you don’t get what is lame about joining a group that promotes not joining groups??

    @pixi_woo, the group did mention ignoring requests…and not simply boycotting groups altogether. It’s still lame though, just not hella-lame. Like that comment I just made is!

  29. YEAH ironic! great.

    also i love the rising popularity of sexism on the internet these days! cooool

  30. @Jeffrey93

    That’s pretty much what I said… thanks for repeating my comment :\

    Therefore it isn’t really lame, just because Jessy has joined a group that they probably haven’t been requested to join.

  31. @pixi_woo

    It’s pretty much what you said….and I’m agreeing with you. This must not happen very often to you, normally when somebody agrees with you they give a reason. I gave a reason. You said there is a difference between ignoring requests and ignoring groups altogether. I pointed out that the group name mentions ‘requests’, which you did not.

    So yeah…”pretty much” what you said and I agree. Still a lame ass group though.

  32. I apologise, I took the “it’s still lame though” as a sort of despite what you said, whoops 😀

  33. damn i wanted to become of hitting women but it was not to be. become a fan of hitting men! its up now. i guarantee there wont be petitions to take that shit down

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