Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anything… LAME



I enjoy reading peoples profiles to learn a little bit more about the people I call friends. I usually don’t take profiles like this seriously but I’m not sure about this one. If you want to OD on drugs like heath ledger, It’s not that hard. And that worries me, because you do grind hard and play harder.

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  1. seriously. Lamester of the Day, PLEASE.

  2. That is awesome….ly pathetic!


  4. Did you check out this guys myspace? http://www.myspace.com/dyverseentertainment It’s great for a laugh.

  5. That is funny Ness especially he talked like he was a recording studio asking for rappers to hit him up so he can get them in the studio. When in fact his “business” is claiming to be able to throw parties in the Ohio area.

  6. I think he’s just pretending he’s in Entourage?

  7. Erm. Desperate Housewives?

    He’s clearly a proper gangster

  8. shit. hope i’m never standing next to that guy.

  9. Wow, I am still amazed.

  10. @7 I’m glad someone noticed that this guy likes desperate housewives…lame

  11. Wait I wanna party hard. I’m not sure if I wanna grind, but maybe. Who’s standing next to me? I need to hang with this guy. He must be super cool. Oh, wait, wasn’t he on Super Sweet 16? Rockstar! Ohhh, and his MySpace says he makes over a quarter of a mil. That’s big pimpin’ right there.

  12. Uh… Desperate Housewives? How does this fit into the gansta life?

  13. The quotation about who’s standing next to you, is from One Tree hill.

  14. Why does this spark images of Heath Ledger grinding in my head?

  15. Oh my, he likes rap and Desperate Housewives. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Damn, I just OD’d on laughter.

  16. Desperate Housewives AND One Tree Hill? Wow he IS gangsta!

  17. “I grind hard…and play harder!!! Oh, and PS. I <3 Desperate Housewives!" – at least, this precious guy is funny 🙂

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