Tuesday, April 28, 2009



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  1. Somebody pass this bitch a gun.

  2. Really?

  3. Yeah, no. You got first, love. I’ll….met you there later. Maybe.

  4. fucking idiots piss me off. GAAAAHHH. no.

  5. We can’t wait for you to go home, either

  6. you are all so angry…why is that? she’s quoting a song. You are some ignorant people.

  7. trey likes the 8===>

    trey is a homo
    who likes dick up his bum
    he’ll suck his man
    dry of cum
    and that concludes this rhyme

  8. Is it a song? She’s still extremely lame and annoying though. Just makes it worse that she’s stole it from a song -she can’t even be lame on her own….

    Oh and that title, “Apo-canNOT-wait-lypse”, best title ever -in love with that title!

  9. Yeah it’s a song…it’s called People Get Ready….it really is a good song.

  10. Is it christian rock? Then by definition it’s *not* a good song. There’s a reason that Stryper and Creed fellated, and it was definitely the Jeebus.

  11. The lack of belief in our Lord is just sad. We should all be rejoicing that one day we will have a better place to go! Heaven will be so beautiful! More beautiful than anything on this Earth! Oh, and this song is beautiful!

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