Friday, May 8, 2009

Appetite for Lame


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  1. makes perfect sense to me

  2. wow… I can almost see this guy doing an advertisement for a piece of workout equipment as he gives this as a monologue.

  3. *slits wrists*

  4. Sounds like kutchers character in butterfly effect. I bet this guy knows how to time travel, just throwing that out there for starters.

  5. apparently, there’s a lot to say about travis

  6. Deep.

  7. Deep something.

  8. “Well im crazy…”

    He could have just left it at that.

  9. He reminds me of Al Gore

  10. For comparison:

    Travis. You are not a crazy Hollywood starlet. Reign it in, please.

  11. You mean “rein”, right Tasia?

  12. This screams bloody anus.

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