Monday, August 8, 2011

Astute Updates


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  1. First = Lame…

    BTW, nickleback is the worst band ever.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Lamebook seems to be interspersing lame Justin Bieber, HP, Twilight and Nickleback jokes with jokes about other things, that seems like a good sign.

  3. weekendphotographer

    Wow Josh, way to be original. You changed the age and everything!

  4. The only lame thing about all of these is that none of them are original.
    (not my tumblr… I’m not that lame).

  5. BORING!!!!!!!!!!! The only one that made me slightly laugh was Janet.

  6. Make us laugh then,Chimmy.

  7. @6 please proceed to the cashier’s office to collect your internetz. U sir won a lot of them.

  8. Josh’s attempt to prove how witty he is only proves how attention starved he really is. Shame he has no friends. Self submitted as well, which is even more laughable. If you’re reading this Josh, i pity you.

  9. i like nickelback. why do people hate them so much, geesh. anyways. the josh one was good.

  10. i dont understand how lauren’s one is supposed to be funny, or lame, or whatever it is supposed to be, except stupid. and to make this post even longer, im adding this sentence.

  11. Lauren’s is stolen from a Tumblr post (which is probably derived from a YouTube video that I’m too lazy to look for).

  12. Little witticisms never hurt

  13. Josh if I am reading his mimicked post correctly, sounds like a sad little private who was trying to act like a badass to his non-existent friends by “talking back to his NCO”. I hope he pushed the earth away.

  14. Just another place where Josh’s same thing pops up. Gotta love comedians.

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