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  1. Haha, getting knocked up leads to getting fucked up.

  2. That’s where I do my hardest drinking. Next is church, then funerals, then Tuesdays.

  3. Dear baby, don’t leave the goddamn uterus.
    Your mother’s friends are fucked up.

  4. well why not? As long as you don’t share your blood stream with a fetus you can and should pour as much alcohol in it as you want

  5. And then Brent will knock up one of the women there, and there will be a new baby shower at which Chet gets fucked up and the cycle will continue perpetually…

  6. Ah, the joys of fetal alcohol syndrome.

  7. Since when do men go to baby showers, anyway? I’ve only been to baby showers thrown for women. Even the to-be father isn’t there.

    Unless Brent is gay…


    I’m assuming he’s gay.

  8. I feel sorry for the poor dude having to sit through a baby shower. Having to sit around listening to women go “Oooo” and “Ahhh” over receiving blankets and jumbo packs of diapers?

    I never had the heart to make my husband sit through that sort of female shit.

    If I did, he’d have been getting fucked up.
    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to keep his sanity.

  9. @ Hmmm

    More likely, he’s the type of fellow who’s license plate says “PSYWIPT”

  10. @ Hmmm and Brandi, why do you think he is drinking?

  11. Kids these days. So vulgar; you’d have never seen Dick and Fanny talking that way when I were a boy!

  12. full agreement with jason.

  13. If he can still type apparently his status ain’t enough…

  14. How has nobody commented on the fact that the person who sent this in “liked” it? So Brent has a 1 in 3 chance of figuring out who sent it in haha. Well played.

  15. weird.

  16. So? At every baby shower I’ve been to, the hosts handed us drinks about as fast as we could drink them. The only one sober there was the mom-to-be, cause she had to be. And I’m a girl. As long as you’re not driving, why not?

  17. Fucked up drinking or fucked up the arse?

  18. In the last 5 years or so there’s been a big trend to have “Jack and Jill” showers — for both wedding showers as well as baby showers. I’ve been to about 6 or 7. They are usually cocktail parties and spare *everyone* from having to sit and watch one person open 50 gifts.

  19. It was a baby shower/housewarming party and it was pretty awesome. Long story short, I ended up puking and the dad to be faceplanted on his driveway and jacked up his face.

  20. I was once at a fuck shower getting babied. People were saying things like “awww, does that hurt little baby mcowles?” and “ohhh, look how wittle he is.”

    Disclaimer: This post is not actually true. I do not have a baby-sized penis, nor have I ever attending (nor ever will attend) something called a “fuck shower”. Thank you.

  21. @Julie: Uh. BRENT posted that. Not a woman. How can a man give a baby fetal alcohol syndrome? Fail.

    @ Brandi – LOL! Right with you, girl. You’re awesome.

  22. mcowles: where were you registered? I’d love to buy you something for your fuck shower, even belatedly.

  23. ..ooºº

  24. Mikey, Adam and Eve Online and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Fuck shower registration code is 4664411.

  25. At my baby shower, my mum gave everyone little bottles of wine… My mother is strange

  26. I’ve never been to a baby shower. I assumed this is what happens at all of them.

  27. @GoodOne: I’ve never been to a baby shower where alcohol was served, so I was assuming if people were going to be getting wasted at a baby shower, the mother to be would probably be drinking as well. Maybe I’m too quick to judge, but I guess in my mind I didn’t envision the mother staying sober as she watched all of her guests get wasted. It’s not like I thought the mother’s name was Brent.

  28. Fuck showers are the future! I’m having one next Tuesday. You’re all invited.

  29. Baby showers are full of hot, horny women, whose hormones are raging out of control. They are all ready and willing, why not be a dude and go to these functions?

  30. Brent just stole a little piece of my heart…

  31. i love how whoever submitted this pic gave himself away… you and 2 others liked this?

  32. how in the world do you find out who submitted something?

  33. @boditty… hopefully you can’t (unless that person is stupid and gives themselves away). I’ve submitted 4 or 5 things, and if something ever does get put up, I really don’t want anyone knowing it was me, haha. (at least not the subject of it).

    @Man: If you score with the mother-to-be, you don’t even need a condom. It’s not like she can get MORE pregnant…

    @Too Soon? : I’ll be there… I’ll bring the dip, or at least something that resembles dip.

  34. Hahahaha, love it.

  35. Facebook win!

  36. is Hooters available for baby showers now?

  37. What’s funny about this is that it says “You and two others like this” So it’d be well easy for the guy to work out who posted this to lamebook.

  38. you do know that it’s not BRENT that is pregnant, right?? so Fetal Alcohol Syndrome has no bearing at all on his getting fucked up.

  39. This post is hilarious! I was just at a couples baby shower last wknd that involved lots of drinking and ended with two friends in a near fistfight and also a domestic dispute from the couple putting the party on. The best part is this was a group of fairly normal, late 20’s, professional people. God seeing this post made my night I cant stop laughing.

  40. Perpetual baby shower?

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