Friday, October 12, 2012


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  1. She certainly confirms some suspicions about a connection between “sexy” posing and intelligence…

  2. shiveredthetimbers

    yes, but will they be able to find her.

  3. The model thief has kept the phone in good working order rather than trash it.
    If I’m not mistaken it’s Jennifer McBridle of 1572 Ocean Grove, North Hollywood.

  4. @twistedthoughts.. How the fuck does that confirm it? Then her wearing jeans might as well confirm that people wearing jeans are thieves.

  5. # 4, that particular “sexy” stance (and in a skanky bathroom, no less) is only posed and photographed by dumb sluts. This seems to come as a surprise to you…

  6. @Bacchante
    I think it’s safe to guess that annahpanna is another one of these dumb sluts.

  7. Hopefully he gets many more “good” pictures when he finally gets his phone back.

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