Monday, August 25, 2014


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  1. Nice observation, but I don’t see how that’s awkward.

  2. That’s sound neat except I have no clue what you’re talking about since I’ve been busy being a poon-hound and posting on lamebook.

  3. I must confirm this. There goes roughly 8 hours of my life.

  4. The awkward bit is the fact that he picked up on this.

  5. How ’bout you read the books instead, and figure if that’s so in the originals as well?

  6. All of the books I’ve read first, made the movie version unbearable. On the flip side, once you see the movie, your own creative vision of the characters and meanings already have a mold designed by the movie producers, writers, etc. Then again, it’s easier to talk about a movie that everyone saw, and you look like a dick when you bring up that the Jurassic park film switched two of the main characters from the book, a move I found highly disturbing. Read more is generally a good concept, but…..

  7. Well they only see each other from the point of “And my bow” to “we must follow them.”

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