Thursday, May 9, 2013

B Offended

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  1. So, is he sorry, or he doesn’t give a fuck?

  2. Oh my God, lamebook deleted my comment. FUCK YOU!

  3. Oh my God, lamebook deleted my comment. Fake you!

  4. I wonder what he was “affending” people with…

  5. tellingitreal

    if he thinks ‘affending’ people is ‘GOOD’, he obviously gives somewhat of a fuck.

  6. beatusmongous

    Would he be affended if he received a Colinoscopy?

  7. Jace is a dirty, filthy self-submitter.

  8. spelling *bee

  9. crustylovelips

    Fairly sure those are Eminem lyrics

  10. hannibal-lecture

    Jace is too smart for the interwebz.

  11. beatus, i think he would be upended if he got that Colonoscopy…and yes, i do recognize that you’re also not in a spelling b.

  12. Word play. That’s all it is.

  13. Eminem-Still Don’t Give a Fuck. One of his first two albums. Pretty good song. Can’t remember where the “Some men just want to see the world (burn)” quote comes from..

  14. The Dark Knight, I believe.

  15. I’m torn here on the one hand I think offending people is good on the other this guy is a moron.

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