Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baaahhd Boy


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  1. wow. thats just kinda dumb.

  2. Michael needs to stop talking to snakes.

  3. Michael makes a fair point.

  4. Is he referencing the “baa”aahhhhhd or some less lame and serious connection?

  5. Um. What’s lamer about this post is that it was accepted. I submit funnier stuff than this.

  6. I actually thought Michael was pretty clever…

  7. I make lesbians go STRAAAAAAAAAAAAIGHT

    for the kitchen knife.

  8. You know if there’s a comment that’s been left within 5 minutes ago that whoever commented it last is also the one who posted it to Lamebook. That makes this even more lame..This is lame cos it’s not even funny, it’s just dumb. Damien and Michael for the lose.

  9. Does Damian go to Texas A&M?

  10. Funny, I think the same thing whenever I hear this song. It’s fucking annoying.

  11. Who is lamer, Michael or Damien? It sure is a thinker.

  12. Hahahahaha… Michael FTW!

  13. I just look for Boz’s comments on every thread. Freaking genius. I love you, Boz.

  14. And now it’s time for my favorite joke-why do Scotsmen wear kilts?

    Because sheep can hear zippers.

  15. LoL.

  16. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    we know you look for Boz’s high-laaarioooouse posts because you are in fact Boz. under one of his many gay aliases.

  17. @James2


    @Billy Wilders etc.

    Careful. Your hand is showing.

  18. I’m with Cam.

    Well I was ’til I realised Michael probably submitted it. And in record time.

  19. never met a good girl

  20. Sheep’s have tight asses

  21. who the fuck posted this? that status update was not funny

    and no i don’t go to texas a&m… whatever the fuck that is

  22. I want to marry Michael

  23. michael is an epic win
    so is boz


  24. and also it cant have been michael wo posted it because there is no “x” in the corner of the comment

  25. OMG this is fantastic.

  26. lol copped it.

  27. Haha… loved it.

  28. hahahaha omg thats amazing.

  29. @Beanstalker

    Maybe only you find it funny.
    It might suck in reality.

    and at the post:

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