Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Got Bud

Baby Got Bud

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  2. Nathan 'Fuckin B.I.G.' Slade-Oh

    Babies need beer so they won’t realise their mums a fucking skank

  3. That’s not even funny. Sure, the bottle is probably empty, but it’s still not funny.

  4. The really sad thing about this is that parents can get put into prison for taking a faked photo like this.. Even though it does absolutely no harm to the child in question. Fucking libtards

    If he really was letting the kid drink booze that would be a different thing. But its beyond obvious that it was staged.

  5. Libtards, Bob? You bitter republicans will find ANY excuse ANYWHERE to bash democrats. Asshole.

  6. “Libtards” wouldn’t be drinking Bud. Only redneck Republicans drink Bud. If the baby were sipping a glass of Chardonnay, then maybe you’d have a point.

  7. It isn’t funny. Not one bit. The bottle is either not open or empty, but the parents are morons to think that is it’s cute or funny to joke around about a BABY drinking.
    Fucked up parents, for sure.

  8. Seriously? You guys find this OFFENSIVE?

    I, and pretty much every one of my friends, has some photo like this. Mine happens to be fast asleep at a table at a wedding, parents/family put a few empty bottles beside one hand, and overflowing ashtray at the other (this was 25 years ago when smoking was allowed).

    Go through your parents’ old albums. I’d be willing to wager that the same style picture is there. I’m amazed at the overreaction here.

    Amz…clearly you have no children. My daughter drinks exclusively from glass bottles.

  9. GoodGrief OMG, shut up!

  10. Wow. You people overreact to everything. The parents should be hit by a bus for taking an obviously fake picture of their baby? That’s makes you at least 100 times worse than them.

  11. wont be surprised if he became an alcoholic later.. really wanna,will the parents still think its funny later

  12. This will not make him an alcoholic by doing this. I’m a direct result of this behavior and yes i drink but very rarely. To believe that this will make him an alcoholic you must have about the same brain power as the child in the photo. I think it’s more lame to post it than to do it. At least he is drinking beer i guess but it’s a pretty shit one.

  13. Chug Chug Chug Chug!!!!!

  14. the bottle is empty you stupid fu.cks. dont hate.

  15. the sad part is the bottle is empty, it’s not right to tease a baby like that

  16. Not funny. I’d keep an eye out on those people and see how they raise that baby.

  17. It’s one thing to place some empty bottles by a baby, it’s another to shove the bottle in it’s mouth for a “cute baby picture”.

  18. Those who posted this onto Lamebook had better report this kid’s parents!

  19. Not funny…guess that’s why it’s called Lamebook! The kid and parents will probably forget about this in a few years. But… Wouldn’t u get in trouble for putting this on fb? Haha jk

  20. The problem isn’t that we are stupid and think there is really alcohol in the bottle. The problem is, as the child gets older and mommy and daddy keep doing that, one day a bottle of beer will be actually full of beer and baby will think its o.k. to take the bottle and drink what is inside…If mommy and daddy have put milk or soda in it for this shot or any other time the baby will learn that what comes in a beer bottle is yummy and sweet. And therefore when he/she sees that bottle again will associate that yummy taste with the bottle not realizing its dangerous for them….next thing you know your baby is laying there lethargic and drunk and possibly poisoned.

  21. MadPenguin… what the fuck? Really… that’s mad powers of association, why would you fucking put milk in a beer bottle for that picture? The most sensible thing to do is actually to wash the bottle with water, rinse it until it has no alcohol and then take the pic. Which is probably what happened, either way we don’t know, but it sure as hell is more probable than what you said. What a load of crap, paranoia, oooooohhh beer and baby, Jesus weeps. Let people parent their own children the way they feel like, and trust they are doing so responsibly.

    PS: Soda, for a baby? Are you fucking insane?

  22. Not a big deal at all…totally innocent, cute even….lighten up ppl….get a sense of humor!
    ~ Boozysuzy 🙂

  23. You guys are freaking out way too much. The bottle doesn’t have alcohol in it. It’s fairly obvious, no one is going to make a baby chug beer and put it on facebook.

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