Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby Sits-A-Lot


Hey Chels,

Just semi-curious why you’re using the internet to tell your boyfriend how much you love him when he’s sitting next to you on the couch. Unless ‘BLAH’ means he is unconscious or in cardiac arrest, in which case Chels, you need to send the paramedics a text requesting immediate medical attention.

This transcript makes more sense if we assume it’s recipient isn’t your boyfriend at all but rather some sort of domesticated animal. A ferret perhaps. They can be ‘blah’. Drink water and beg for a turn on the computer. I’ll bet it’s funny to watch him type. I imagine he uses his nose to press each key and then quickly looks up at the screen to make sure he hit the correct one. That’s just how I picture it but you may have raised him differently than that Chels, I just don’t know.

♥ The Editors

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  1. i am glad that we will never know if this is about her boyfriend or her dog. puppylove!

  2. someone doesnt have much a life lmso

  3. Baby, i love your sweatpants and tattered tee

  4. Baby, I’m glad I tied you to the couch.

  5. HAHAHA @ the editors’ comment!! So funny.

    This girl sounds like the ultimate stalker.

  6. Baby I’m so glad I patched that rip in your tummy, now I can blow you up and you can float even longer.

  7. Baby I see you takin’ a shit. It’s so cute.

  8. Editors: You guys are inept!
    “assume it’s recipient” should be “assume its recipient”

  9. Baby I’m watching you through a telephoto lens, you’re so hot!
    Baby I’m sneaking up behind you with a massive knife, you’re gonna look so cute all iced up.

  10. Baby, I see you next to me all naked in bed.

  11. Peekaboo a see youuu.

  12. this screenshot is obviously photoshopped. Fuck you lamebook, now you’re editing screenshots so you can make fb statuses look stupid? Douchebags.

  13. Take it easy ChristAnus. There are more important things in life.

  14. Wow! I laughed so hard at this! HAHAHAHAHA! These seem like status updates by your pet dog. Think about it. LOL LMAO!

  15. This was the lamest thing i have EVER read. Wow. And ChristAnus, are you serious? These posts would be pretty damn long if the “irrelevant extra” wasn’t removed.

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