Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

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  1. So, those are for sex ed, eh?

  2. Sex ed for the British is basically one massive, extended advert for condoms. They do everything save for just handing them out.

  3. yea.. only in the U.S. do they just hand out condoms in middle school.

  4. by the way THIRD!! WHOOPEEEE!

  5. actually, I was 2nd… but my comment was deleted. so that makes you 4th.

  6. They were available from the Nurse when I was in HS, that was so convenient.

    The first one really cracked my smile. The other two not so much. Maybe my standards are changing. I may just be disappointed due to lack of side boob as well.

  7. my dilemma: sex with condoms feels horrible and i can never ejaculate, sex without condoms spreads my herpes and syphilis around.

    either way i’m robbing peter to pay paul.

    poor old peter. 🙁

  8. you sick duck alord! 😐

  9. BritishHobo, I’m in the UK and we did get condoms handed out to us!

  10. also alord, please don’t have sex with any of my friends cats eyes. Thanks

  11. yeah, i got condoms handed out.

    i also got our geriatric, blubbery, gap-tothed, maniacal female teacher with a shock of straggly grey hair showing us how to put them on cucumbers. *shudder* – put me off… well, everything, for years.

    also, sidney, hello again. 🙂 sick duck sounded like suck dick. i don’t and wouldn’t. unless i crashed in the andes with a team of rugby players. and only then for nutrients to survive.

  12. I’m British and yes I got handed them in school and college… Maybe they thought that British_Hobo doesn’t deserve any sexy time due to housing problems…. but I disagree, BritishHodo’s little dude can have a fitting home if they handed any out to him….

    Or he could just collect loads and make a condom house!

  13. alord silly. no no no , sick duck means you SICK FUCK 🙂

  14. I live in a town near the pub in the first picture…it’s pretty typical around here. The university in that town was name top party school by playboy a million years ago…and the students love that reputation!

  15. Sex ed was only a section of my health class in HS; the most ironic part of the whole thing was that section came later in the year, at which point several of the girls had already left due to pregnancy. My teacher didn’t find my “too little, too late” comments as amusing as the rest of us.

  16. Rugby players?!?!? RUGBY PLAYERS!?!?!?!? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rugby players…

  17. LOL….Pinch Penny Pub…..The place you go if you are missing the trailer. Old picnic tables and fights. Just like a kentucky family reunion

  18. Island kids apparently do not require condoms… Our sex ed consists of a teacher saying IF YOU HAVE SEX YOU WILL DIEEE and then telling us God wants us to get married.

    @alord: le gasp! you have herpes and syphillis? I guess now is a bad time to mention I’m pregnant with triplets, one of which may or may not be yours 🙁

  19. I only came here to scan the comments for DanFargis’s always witty commentary. I guess we’re modding him out now?

  20. @eepah: the day DanFargis doesn’t enlighten the world is the day lamebook doesn’t have its most-read contributor, and possibly site owner.

    The possibility that this whole atom of the Internet is a vanity site for DanFargis and his views keeps me in brown trousers.

  21. Janet G to Melanie G.: I don’t mind if you’re an alcoholic but for the love of God, honey, don’t get fat.

  22. Given my experience with school, I’d have left ‘except books’ off the sign for Pinch Penny.

  23. That was quick junebug, thought you guys were on different continents. I guess you are dying now so your sex ed teacher was right!

    At my school condoms were kept in cupboards in the biology labs as well as the locker rooms. They were always being re-filled too when the supply ran low.

  24. Oh, what? You guys all got them for free? They basically drilled it into us that if we had sex without condoms or penises would fucking explode, then we had to go buy ’em ourselves. What a gyp.

    Also they showed us some live counter that showed exactly how many teenagers in Britain were pregnant, and how many had STDs. I swear one lesson we just sat there for half an hour and watched it rise. God knows who was updating it.

  25. *our. Or is a whole other topic.

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