Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. God that last one is odd.

    The first one cracked my ass right up though…I’m thinking passed out drunken fat auntie type haha.

  2. I thought all of these were hilarious, but I absolutely love the wedding dress on the woman in the first picture. She looks great.

    Also, number 4 is a total fail. Everything about it is just awful.

  3. Paranoid Android

    lol? Maybe…

  4. ewe, lols, ewe

  5. You know lamebook is doing a good job when every photo has some funny shtuff in the background and a fine ass woman in the foreground.

  6. Ok Walter, that made me laugh. Despite it’s very creepy implications.

  7. Wait a minute, wait a minute!
    That chest tattoo, those glasses, the tan… That Kiki from the last photo, isn’t that the same woman with the pink-fishnet-wearing, pole dancing baby that was on verydemotivational(dot)com just recently?

  8. is there a dead child in the last one?

  9. RE: The last one.

    Am I meant to be looking at the baby, the godawful tattoos or the peek-a-boo stretch marks?

  10. 4th picture confused the hell out of me, mostly because I was wondering how she managed to be so far above the hovel that her child is living in. But now it all makes sense. Loving her stretch marks though, and the lovely way the slashing in her bathing suit accents them.

  11. alordslums, no need to be a snarky little shit.
    I don’t think I’m ‘like, sooo totally famous’… I just think it’s kind of neat to see someone I know since we live on a little rinky-dink island that almost no one has heard of. That’s all.. sorry if I upset you. 😉

  12. Hey I got married at that place too – in the top picture! But that’s not me!

  13. dangerouslydorky

    in the 4th picture –
    she is laying on the bed and the baby is in a pack-n-play/porta-crib type thing… the picture is upside down…

  14. picture two, the poor kid is forced to wear a pillow case so maybe the old guy had to wear something made of saran wrap or thread and thats why we can’t see it…

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