Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Background Checks!

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    Getting married would be hell!!!

  2. Damn you steeeever!!

    I loved the second one 🙂

  3. Dump

  4. That boy is totally going to shit on the back of his pants.

  5. Is she really so self absorbed that all she noticed in these pics was herself? Katrina fails harder than the other Katrina.

  6. Katrina is a big unit. Never thought i’d see a pig riding a horse.

    If you look closely, in photo three you can clearly see what looks like a gleam of sheer panic in that horse’s eyes. ‘fuck me’ it’s thinking ‘this is the whale that broke the horses back’

    In other related news it’s ironic that a sailor married a battleship. In that dress she looks like she’s wearing a marquee.. she didn’t get hitched, she got pitched!

  7. The little boy is the only one in those last two pictures that looks like he’s enjoying himself.

  8. @#4 – That he is lol. But really who would put a photo like this on their page for all to see!

  9. The horse looks sad under all that weight

  10. So you are saying, Imamofo, once she gets on top he’ll have “…no place else to go?”

  11. What’s the first one about? I seen quite a lot of photos like this…

  12. The horse is buckling

  13. I don’t see whats weird about photo 1, is it just about the brides weight/possible baby bump? because that would be incredibly lame and very unfunny.

  14. OK, I’ve seen some inappropriate clothing at weddings, but the guy in the “this is hell” tank top really tops anything I’ve seen.

  15. Seriously? Those aren’t even two decent pics of her on that horse. How could she be so stunned by her form and grace that she misses either 1. her little brother/younger family member or 2. her son, prepping to take a shit in the background there? And in all truthfulness…that horse should be the one in the “This Is Hell” tank top.

  16. @Imamofo…I love you.

  17. lmao I thought I was the only one who actually loved #2. The kid is priceless.

    @#9: the horse really does look super sad, I thought I was the only one that noticed.. it’s probably where I went from Liking the photo, to loving it

  18. Katrina, get your fat ass off him. That’s animal cruelty.

  19. 1 Well, that’s hot.
    2) and that’s not. I agree with Nexus, you’re crushing the poor thing!

  20. Imamofo is a funny mofo!! A pig riding a horse.. That is not right, but wtf I laughed!

  21. The horse is not the only one looking sad. Katrina does not look too happy either. She looks like she just got a wiff of shit or something.

  22. This is animal abuse. Foreground check

  23. i don’t get #1?


    But…I feel bad for the horse. o.O

  25. Maybe the girl on the horse is Katrina’s daughter. I know parents love showing the whole world every picture of their kids. Or maybe Katrina is as self-absorbed as we all think, and her naked little brother taking a shit in the background truly could not draw her attention away from how beautiful she looked on such a happy horse.

  26. Horse is going to look like an inverted camel by the end of it’s life.

  27. Makes me laugh all the keyboard warriors typing away about the girl’s weight. In case you hadn’t noticed, the photo isn’t in reference to her weight. If that girl was within your vicinity you wouldn’t dare say any of that to her face and anyone who says otherwise is talking rubbish basically. Please try and get off your judgemental high horse (no pun intended) and try and be kind for once in your life. Or are you so mentally challenged that the total notion is entirely incompressible to you?

  28. incompressible = to not be able to press together.
    so yes, that notion probably can’t be pressed together; I’m not sure. I’ve never tried to compress an intangible idea…

  29. I have never spittled as much on my computer as when I saw Katrina’s pictures. It just sprayed out, I had no control over it!

  30. ….. this is hell is a band. it doesn’t look like a very formal wedding so i’m sure the kid who wore that shirt thought nothing of it, but it is ironic.

  31. ironyispredictable

    this is hell is a HORRIBLE band -_- i saw them on AP tour a few weeks ago. their vocalist sucks ass.

  32. That poor horse. Horses actually do have weight limits, for example my daughter Shetland pony has a 65 pound weight limit. I would say you could double that for this pony so that girl is well over the weight limit for that poor horse. I just pray she isn’t jumping the poor thing, it is sure to live a long life of back issues after that exposure.

  33. *daughter’s

  34. I laughed hard at the 2nd and 3rd.

  35. Check that horse’s stance. It’s trying its best not to collapse. That chick should be riding an exercise bike instead of a tiny pony.

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