Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Background Checks!

NSFW after the jump…

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  1. oh delicious.

  2. 4th could be staged..

  3. those must be his lucky boxers… I’d love to hate, but the last time I got a bj in bar was from a gal with a wee bit of girth to her… That gal is much bigger, but still…

  4. You’ve got to love fat girls giving bjs in bars.

  5. These were great.

    1 – Put down the donut, Fatty!
    2 – At that age, they don’t care who looks.
    3 – meh.
    4 – I can’t stop looking at it…
    5 – Wouldn’t be so bad if he cropped it.
    6 – Is that the guy from That’s So Raven?

  6. Is #1 here due to the fat-guy-eating-a-doughnut factor or the pedophile vibe I’m picking up?

    Cherry, I think that is the guy.

  7. #3 Seriously – people go round the supermarket taking photos of themselves in mirrors?

    #4 Seriously – girls really give bjs in bars? Especially to guys with those crappy boxers? And please god don’t let that be an Irish bar.

    #5 Seriously – this guy strips naked, puts a hat and glasses on and this he’s cool?

    #6 Airhead lol.

  8. Fatty or pedophile, he’s showing that little girl poor eating habits.

  9. Cherry, I agree, all of these are pretty good, but I’m actually going to give a special mention to Nicole for being able to utilise the smallest mirror I’ve ever seen someone use to take a luvo shot.

    Comments, yes, I find the first one very creepy for some reason.

  10. @Curly

    #3 – Does it make a difference if it’s at a pharmacy? She may be drugged up if she thinks it’s a good idea to take pictures in front of store brand tampons.

    #4 – I have yet to see something like that in person…they must have been in VIP.

    #5 – Must have been the tekillya. 😉

    #6 – lolz.

  11. Cherry, no decent club would let fatstuff there into their VIP room.

  12. Unless she did a bouncers a “favor” too. Have you seen bouncers lately? They could use the lovin’.

  13. Wordy, I know – I had to fight the urge to yell “run little girl!” at my screen as if I was in a theater for a scary movie.

  14. Ahhh so that’s what I should have done for the bouncer when he refused me entry on the Christmas night out hahaha

  15. Dammit, I meant “did *the* bouncers…”

  16. creepy

  17. @14…hahahaha! You didn’t know the tubbies’ secret??? You must obviously be rail thin. 😀

  18. Time to do useful stuff. I’m Outty 5000.

  19. “I slipped on the ice, honest to god mister, I’m not drunk!” He was having none of it … if only I’d known the secrets! lol

    See you Cherry, have a good one 🙂

  20. Those are some great shots! lol!


  21. the last one looks like the guy from thats so raven/dancing with that stars

  22. what is this i don’t even

    Catching up with my internet memes.

  23. #4 – love the dude flipping the camera off… he rolls out with a 1980s flattop, jeans and a tie… i bet if he had ditched the tie he could of been berthas fourth meal instead of carlos

  24. Berta’s fourth meal! I don’t care who you are, that’s funny.

  25. MsBuzzkillington

    Oh wow, I can’t stop laughing at the dude with the tattoos.

    And they blurred out his sunglasses? That’s priceless.

    That dude getting head during the party, wow. He just whipped it out and she started sucking? Or what? he is kind of my hero. I bet it’s stage to make a funny picture.

    The super market one… I have a friend who would do something like that. She has posted pictures of herself in the Home Depot parking lot.

  26. The 2nd one is gross because of the girl on the right… look at her chin ffs.

    My sunglasses are blurry like that.

  27. Has nobody else noticed the reflection behind douchebag #5? He’s completely naked..

  28. moxxy although the picture is lame enough, I believe that the reason it’s featured is because he’s nekkid.

    Also see posts 5 and 7 they both reference his nekkid-ness.

  29. haha! so didn’t even notice that guy was naked. i thought it was lame because of the 8 ball tat on his hand. i like the blurring of the sunglasses though.

    i’d love to know the backstory on the last one.

  30. @moxxy … that’s what I meant.

  31. about a year ago, i was the witness of a scene like pic #4. except that the girl looked like a pornstar with pumped up lips, fake boobs, bleach blonde hair etc. i was standing 2 meters next to them when suddenly she just went down on him. IN THE MIDDLE of the freaking club. they then got seen by bouncers who threw them out. crazy.

  32. @ohhey-I think it is Kyle Massey.
    Looks like he’s at the Playboy mansion which may explain the random nakedness.

  33. I was thinking that looked like the grotto too.

  34. The guy picking his nose is at the IIHF World Championship in Buffalo, NY. That’s HSBC arena, and judging by the guys outfit he is Canadian (a lot of people from ontario came down for the games).

  35. Why is he naked? With a hat and sunglasses on?

  36. @tom12 Judging by the scoreboard in the back, Germany is playing, and Canada never played Germany in the WJC this year. However, as I Canadian, I can tell you we do simply enjoy showing up to any random hockey game in Team Canada jerseys.

    Yes, finding the German flag in the background was pretty much all I was focusing on in that picture.

  37. #6 Did anyone else notice it looks like what appear to be a pair of panties on his thighs?

    #4 Thar she blows!

  38. The Maxi pad mirror picture is at Walgreens.

    Also, in the BJ picture I’m curious to know why dude’s shirt looks really wet. hmm.

  39. He’s a lousy paedo! There are much better looking kids then that out on the street, all the pretty ones are obviously to fast for the gutty fucker.

    Why does the second photo remind me of cheese?!… oh yeah that’s right…Laughing Cow.

    Nicole thinks 4.49 for a mirror is too much, you can tell by the penny pinching snarl… Either that or her scarlet dam just broke and she’s eyeing up the jam rags.

    I remember my last oral experience in a night club….. at least half of the man glue ended up in my hair….nightmare.

    What do you get if you cross a cunt with a hat?…. A cunt in a hat!

    …He was so pissed up, he thought the dinghy he was ram raiding was the fat fucker in photo 2. Been there mate, been there.

  40. Ha! I was wondering why #2 was vaguely familiar! Laughing cow… class 🙂

  41. @oilersfan Well aware. Also I was not implying that all Canadians pick their noses in public.

  42. #2: the eye-blurring, wtf, why?? we still can recognize them..

    # 4: congrats on the dude for the bj

    the last one, one of the best photos in lamebook 🙂

  43. bollywood_rocks83

    Isn’t that Kyle Massey in the last one? seriously?

  44. @bollywood

    it sure does look like him doesnt it

  45. @CandidCamera

    I saw the picture and thought it looked like him, and after “researching” (googled “Kyle Massey Playboy) I found this:


    Here he is at the 4th annual “Leather Meets Lace” at the Playboy Mansion, and he’s wearing that same black shirt

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