Thursday, October 11, 2012

Background Checks

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  1. Can somebody please explain what this is??
    I’m afraid I’m stupid for not knowing (among other reasons) and I’d like to fix that right away.

  2. @dardarbinks – The guy’s squatting over the toilet still with his pants around his ankles lol

  3. And it’s a water faucet for a shower/bath with a thermometer. It has a thermometer because stupid motherfuckers don’t know to feel the water with their hand before they jump in.

  4. Ohhh. I figured that but I didn’t realize why it was funny/lame. Shpanks.

  5. Oh hmmmm, in the handle it looked like I could see a naked person standing there. But I guess I see the squatting guy too.

  6. That was Lame! Thanks lamebook for living up your name.
    I’m going to return to gargling glue

  7. Hey scunt – You ever think maybe its for those that can’t feel the water temp for various reasons of their nerve endings being not of use. Because, after all, it’s in a hospital YOU SHIT FOR BRAINS.

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