Thursday, April 15, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. @eenerbl

    Which one? Me deflowering a menstruating girl? Or the different colored tampons relating to differences in flow thickness?

    Or are you just thinking about me propping my foot on your thigh while I tie my shoe?

  2. ok, i’m gonna get flack for this— but i have no effing clue what the phrase “frodo” means. lol.

    it’s obviously not good, though.

  3. Who's That Girl?

    Confucius say: Man who finger girl on period, get caught red handed.

    And geez people, those are regular plain old American Tampax tampons. For those that use more “discreet” tampons, its because you insert the cotton with your finger. These tampons have an applicator that pushes the tampon in for you. jeesh.

  4. Hum, it’s like a multiple choice pop quiz! I’ll go with A and C. I’m all for the deflowering, and it all depends on what your wearing when you tie your shoe.

  5. untied shoes…

    and a three-piece suit.

    BTW, am I the only guy that wishes he had a vagina for just a day, so that he could feel what it’s like insert a tampon and walk around with one in for a few hours?

  6. Reverse Ben.

  7. Alright then, I’ll go for that.

    Btw, what’s with guys fascination with the tampon insertion? I’ll never understand it, but then again, it’s kinda like me wondering what it’s like when guys jack it. Ahh, whatever.

  8. Who's That Girl?

    Trust me mcowles, unlike sex, if you feel the tampon in your babakanoosh, you didn’t do it right.

  9. LMAO @ mcowles

    “I like to pretend that she’s a virgin. When I first “enter” her, I punch her really hard in the thigh, which makes her say “ouch””

    FTW! That is all.

  10. @eenerbl and Who’s

    It’s not so much the insertion (not sexual at all)… I guess I’d just want to know it’s in there and concentrate on trying to feel it. Then when someone says “why are you concentrating so hard?” I could say “I’m trying to feel the tampon inside me.”

    I guess, technically, I could still respond like that.

    Quick, someone ask me why I’m concentrating so hard!


    awww, makin’ me blush. You can use my move if you want, as long as you yell “mcowles” while punching. It’s all I ask.

    btw, haha @babakanoosh.

  11. Who's That Girl?

    When someone asks me why I’m concentrating so hard, it’s because I’m doing my kegel excercises.

    “Why are you concentrating so hard?”
    “Gotta make the babakanoosh nice and tight. Got any Ben Wa balls?”

  12. @Who’s

    No ben wa balls, but I’ve got some rosary beads.

  13. mcowles…you have made me wet….

  14. Ok so, I get who ben is…but who is frodo? And why is ben frodo? And so what if he doesn’t have a pool? This is all slightly confusing.

  15. Who's That Girl?

    @mcowles – Rosary beads are for another bodily orfice…

  16. Aaahaha, so many menstrual images. Thanks mcowles.

    You should check yourself into the Red Roof Inn… though I find the staff there really rags on you if you mess up the sheets.

    Love you all!

  17. @64 Ben is Frodo… but so is Kyle:

    I laughed so hard Mcowles… thanks for that!

    I have no clue why you would want to wear a tampon… most horrible feeling ever blech. Divacup all the way!

  18. Even if those tampons on the bed were used, and completely blood and clot covered, they would still be much less offensive to me than that hideous yellow dress.

  19. mc (49), I’VE noticed.

    Missed you too, dawnstar.

  20. Just hadta login b4 I drag meself off to bed to say…..missed u wordpervert

  21. MsBuzzkillington

    I think the little girl pickin her nose is cute.

  22. @ Pelicant – the first pic is soft shell crab. They take the large back shell of the crab but all the other shell parts remain, dunk him in tempura batter and fry him up. Under the crispy batter, the shell cooks up thin and crispy and the crab meat is sweet and tender… mmmmm delish!

  23. Fifth picture is awesome! I didn’t even notice the cop car until someone else pointed it out.

  24. *off

  25. #1 Pick us a winner love

  26. @ Mcowles, and all your commentary…LOL. Once again, you’ve made my day. Forget Malteaser, great as he is…YOU’RE my favorite….

  27. CommentsAtLarge

    The yellow dress girl has executed the rare tampon-assited-duckface. It is an acheivement that most female Facebook pic posters only dream of.


    Got a good chuckle from the Red Roof Inn reference, until I looked at that picture again. Look at the hotel room – it might very well be a Red Roof Inn. That makes it even better.

  28. mcowles, please never describe a period as being “chunky” ever again. I just had the worst image imaginable.

  29. @pug505gr

    You can get those tampons here in Australia too. They’re Tampax applicator tampons or something similar. They’re not actually a gigantic tampon, they just come with a cardboard applicator that makes them easier to insert. They’re the introduction to tampons for a lot of girls.

    Me, I use cottons. My good good doesn’t like synthetic.

  30. pearls-before-swine

    I really didn’t find the tampons as lame/funny/disturbing as the fact that she has her dress pulled up and the window is open behind her… D:

  31. @Mcowles, Try inserting a tampon up your back door 😉

  32. What does IDK mean?

  33. @ SaaBea….I don’t know.

  34. @Leslie: I don’t know what it means either. Snap.
    @mcowles: Don’t worry. I’ve got plenty of other surprises.
    @wordperv: THANK YOU. I’m not the only one who hocked up a barfball after seeing that dress.

  35. Oh and LoveMeHateMe? Believe me. It matters if you don’t have a pool. Don’t ever say that again, do you hear me? Well I’m typing not talking so do you read my words? You don’t want to be without a pool because that would make you Frodo.

  36. It never fails.

  37. Wow, that’s gonna be some prom nite, needing 4 tampons.. yeesh.

  38. Are we sure #3 isn’t wearing a “bum-bag”?

  39. In the first photo she’s eating soft shell crab. I don’t eat it but apparently it’s nice.

  40. lol. the tampons. Priceless.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

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