Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bad Boy

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  1. Simple things please simple minds.

  2. ^ You must be ecstatic.

    What ya gonna do?

  3. Scalabrineisgod

    So I probably missed the post but have Bacchante and Msannethrope left us? I think beatus should be able to answer this

  4. I love that track.

  5. Our cops don’t do the coffee thing, they do the booze thing.

  6. #3 Don’t act like you fukng know us, bitch

  7. Did Ben really have to add ‘by Inner Circle’?

  8. ^he wanted 2 make sure every1 knew..that he knew

  9. Scalabrineisgod

    Thank you for the useless
    Comment dardar… Ive been reading this site for years i just never post… I noticed bacchante and msannethrope havent posted in a while.. And what do you mean by “us” unless you are a secondary account you are rather new.

  10. ^If you really have been here for years, you would know that dardar is an attention seeking lesbian who should be ignored.

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