Monday, November 1, 2010

Bad Santa

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  1. Hmmmmm

  2. lame.

  3. What is this ‘Hide yo’ x, hide yo’ y, ‘cuz z’s rapin’ everybody out here!’ thing from? It appears all over on comments. Perhaps some sort of so-called ‘rap’ song?

  4. @mad2physicist (you only have to play the first minute and a half or something- it gets crap after that 😛

  5. It’s from this newscast:
    There’s a part in there where Antoine Dodson, apparently a neighbor/friend of someone who almost got raped, saying “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” etc….it kind of went viral and ppl started splicing it and making funny videos out of it…

  6. I like bad santa 🙂

    Miss Cat, thanks for that – I’m still laughing. I can’t believe that’s meant to be serious hahaha

  7. Firstly, it was Antoine Dodson’s *sister* who was target of this attempted rape.

    Secondly, Lisa is a total buzzkill… that would be borderline FB Unfriend infraction for me. I don’t want a bunch of dumbass wankers on my FB, cluttering up my comments with “actually, that’s a light up Santa, so you’re wrong.”

    She probably a total B IRL.

  8. Curlybap, of course you like bad santa.
    This is quite interesting. Now I need to find out just who the hell Antoine Dodson is (other than someone who is paranoid about rape).
    My favourite mutation of this is the demotivational poster

  9. Ahhh this is the Santa I know and love.

    The white haired grandpa type who is always willing to empty his sack for needy children…my role model.

  10. tHIS IS GREAT lmao…something perfectly harmless and fun for night…and daylight makes it dirty. def made me laugh

  11. Who knew Santa had a Santa fetish. We have more in common than I thought

  12. mad2…thanks for that demot. poster…I’m posting it on my FB right now…!

  13. Consequences will never be the same!

  14. What mistletoe was he standing other?

  15. Now LISA is Wallace!

  16. I’m taking my kids to see ruin their childhood.

    Honey, it’s Santa! “What’s he doing, mommy?” You’ll find out when you’re older, honey.

  17. Someone isn’t going to be walking right for a week

  18. ^Are you speaking from personal experience?^

  19. LMFAO @ Jay!!! And apparently his friends did not get the joke.

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