Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baller Idea 11

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  1. I would want Marcel on my team in a debate.

  2. Baller? Is that a word now? Fuck you, wiggers..

  3. Nice work Marcel. Lulled me into a false sense of stupid and then BAM! zinger.

  4. I’m a little offended by Chase’s preconceptions about the homeless.

  5. Is it because you are homeless?

  6. jzimbert – why on earth would be offended by something factual?

    “It is estimated that up to 85% of homeless people have a mental illness.”
    Source: www.

  7. *you

  8. Baller idea 11 was so “superb” that I’m really interested in hearing ideas 1-10…

    …but not really…

  9. fuck with your fucking stupid fuck stereotyping. fuck!
    some homeless people don’t fucking like bananas, OK? ..g0d..!

    is that whatcha meant, jzimbert?
    this is fucking great place to come and be offended. wise choice, sir.

  10. This is true

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