Thursday, March 8, 2012


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  1. evil robot bill

    Another one of these? Ugh.

  2. Hey redneck cocsucker. Yes you with the lame AR-15 timeline post, you know who I am talking about… you who jerks off at moonshine cos it reminds you of “the good ol’ days” which apparently, ironically, involved dudes not sucking cock. (That would be you, you pole smoker).

    Now do us all a favor and ask you Mom to swallow, cos Daddy is sick and tired of her spitting your boy-jam.

  3. ^ Valerie is a female…
    Solid attempt, though.

  4. ^ Does your semen have a similar consistency to that of jam? Jam’s quite thick, you must have a jap’s eye the size of a fucking railway tunnel you trooper.

  5. ok we get it, there is an old nintendo game duck hunt, and a new facebook fad called duck hunting. can we considered this one settled, and stop with the shittily photoshoped timelines?

  6. ^not quite. I believe the new fad is actually called ‘duck cunting’.
    And you cannot convince me otherwise.

  7. slicingupeyeballs

    My jam has a similar consistency to that of semen…

  8. internet is running out of funny shit

  9. ^That is sad

  10. hootie the blowfish

    I was under the impression that Valerie was shooting those girls not for making the duck face, but for being so incredibly ugly. Especially the bottom one, but ESPECIALLY the top one.

  11. I’m my town kids would probably get suspended and/or investigated for potential conspiracy to commit violence or something equally asinine for a picture like that. Not that she’s a kid or that this implies idiopathic (er spell-check corrected sociopath to this, how behavior or anything, just poor taste in timeline photos.

  12. ^What if V̈älërḯë is a teacher? or a concerned parent?

  13. In that case they would get away with it, teachers and parents get away with EVERYthing, except for stat. rape. Why the fuck would a geeky highschool student turn his hot teacher in for putting out, wait, they don’t, it’s the parents fault.

  14. haha haha lets all mock females who feel so pressurised by an increasingly shallow society that they try to make themselves just a tad bit more sexually attractive by pouting like a baboons’ enflamed arse organ!

    No really.. lets, it’s fun… Silly lipstick wearing cock bins.

  15. cheesus, I frequently feel pressurised by society. Check out vacuum pump pussies.
    You’re welcome.

    By the way, I LOVE “cock bins”.

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