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Lamester Review:

As I sit on the edge of this glorious canyon with coffee in hand, I can’t help but think back to the early days of our wonderful country.  America.  The land of the free. The home of the brave.  I can only hope that the ghosts of our forefathers are in a public library somewhere today, searching through Facebook, only to stumble upon this snapshot of such a familiar scene:  An American flag, a field where perhaps a war was once fought, and a sturdy, reliable cannon … being air-fucked by a drunk sorority girl.

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  1. …And nine months later, she gave birth to a musket

  2. What a filthy slag. Some people have no shame.

  3. these comments smell like a big heaping pile of jealousy.

  4. @ Boz – haahaa! Oh, hang out – that thought is concerning, not amusing.

    @ Chairman Miao and NotAnon – can’t say it better than that!

  5. she forgot to use the protection in the box behind her

  6. If one were to fire that cannon at the same time this picture was taken, could one – potentially – receive community service hours?

  7. @ enjay

    Yeah, I’ve always wanted my tits to double as a shelf.

    I’m REALLY envious of how she’ll look in 15 years.

  8. “fuckin a cannon”


  9. once you go black…

  10. Well this photo is…….classy.

  11. Oh, like none of you have ever hooked up Barbie with your GI Joe….

  12. fuck everyone analysises things to much on here, its a picture of a hot chick fucking a cannon, i would do her. enough said.

  13. That hair, horrid tan, crazy boobs, the skank stank I can smell all the way over here. The cannon isn’t even in her yet shes claiming to have fucked it. Yep, whore.

  14. ‘What the piss?’

    What does that even mean? Is it a blonde whores way of saying ‘what the fuck?’?

  15. LMAO @Goldenfry


  17. …. and the beauty is that she wont even need any lubricant!

  18. “Jules
    September 23rd, 2009 at 5:20 pm
    What a fucking god damn whore. Suck a dick you bimbo bitch. Oh wait you’re probably doing that right now.”

    Must be an ex-boyfriend…

  19. Its a shame that thing wasn’t loaded and someone didn’t just happen to fire it.. Then again i suspect that gash between her legs would be able to fit just about anything..

    My comment may be disrespectful but at least i am not spitting on the lives of thousands who fought and died during the civil war. (Or any other war for that matter)

  20. ” it doesnt fit”

  21. Sucks to be the guy who fucks her next. How do you compete with a cannon? XD

  22. LOL, Dude.

  23. i bet while her equally drunk friend took this picture, the anna nicole wannabe was thinking “is it in yet?”

  24. I vote not lame. I’ve seen a lot more (in quantity and lameness) pictures of guys fake fucking inanimate objects. In fact if this were a guy fucking the other end of the canon it’d be on max tuckers site and not lamebook.


  26. No follow up picture of the happy ending?

  27. Imagine that creampie!

  28. Nice Cannon 😉

  29. Nice cannon 😉 How longs does it take to shoot that thing?

  30. What? No one wishes they were the cannon in this picture?

  31. Are you sure this is a sorority girl? Cos it kind of looks like Jennier Coolidge…

  32. *Jennifer. I’m retarted. And blonde

  33. *Jennifer. I’m retarted. And blonde.

  34. Ok, at first I thought this chick was kinda hot. But when I looked at it a little more, she looks so oddly proportioned, on top of looking fake as hell. I mean, her boobs are HUGE, and she looks a little curvy around the waist, which is still sexy, but then her arms and legs are sooo thin, it’s almost disgusting, in my opinion. I mean, is this really what people go for? I mean seriously, our society really thinks this is attractive? At first glance, sure, but other than that…I’m so ashamed of our generation, and I seriously fear for the next one…

  35. thatswhat.shesaid

    Haters. Haters. Haters.

    I would like to party with this girl, she looks like she’s really fun & has a good personality. & if this were a dude…you’d have much different things to say.

    Also, “kitten #84” -kill yourself. you dont know what you’re talking about.

    i think she looks good.

  36. sure she looks good but where the hell did you get the good personality from. shes hot, drunk, and fucking a cannon she has no need of personality to pick up any one. you can tell she would be a high maintenance bitch.

  37. @waylander – high maintenance? fuck yea. she’s dressed in a ‘look at me’ outfit and performing this nonsense for attention. Yea she’s kinda hot but clearly she would make anyone miserable. Everything about her is a cry for attention.

    Oh and 20$ says that her vag flops around like elephant ears

  38. At first I thought it was a tranny and then I realized it was Brooke Hogan. Close though.

  39. I wanna light the fuse on that cannon.

  40. Now that’s class! LOL

  41. wrath

  42. ¡sᴚǝʞɔnɟ ʎǝH

  43. Fire in the hole! *lights fuse for @Din*

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