Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Be safe, Join up!

Join here!

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  2. This sails close to the wind with a double negative. There would no doubt be a phobia attached to this, Any all knowing phobiatics to assist ?

  3. Fake.

  4. Gay.

  5. that’s fucked up.
    I know heaps of guys who totally should have their balls destroyed and it really doesn’t concern me how.
    And if the elephant is free, and seems keen on the task, why the hell not?

  6. I’m always protected, and I always carry my baboon repellent with me, too. They attack when you least expect it.

  7. If only an elephant would step on MsAnne’s balls..

  8. if wishes were tears, you could cry me a fucking river, fat girl.

  9. Ya right Anne. Two months of no comments from me says you’re a fucking whale.

  10. ^two months off to worry over how much I hurt you?
    and not one person mentioned your name while you were gone? ouch.

  11. I don’t even know who that potato is :/

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