Monday, April 16, 2012

Bearing Children

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  1. Awww… I hope the son is 10 or younger…

  2. Its fake. Ive seen it a million times before.

  3. @T1000, one million times, huh? you need to get out more.

  4. Incorrect. A million, not one million.

  5. The correct way to say it is one million, not a million.

  6. Incorrect. You are fake.

  7. Is T1000 just calling everything fake?
    I loved this. May be the only one, but I did. And I’ve never seen it before. But I also have seen the sunlight this millennium, so maybe that’s why I’m missing out on all these double posts and enjoying them in moderation.

  8. Correct, slagit. I must terminate all posts by calling them fake.

  9. ^fuck off.

  10. Incorrect. You are.fake. ^

  11. ^so. fucking. what?
    you. are. a. pointless. piece. of. shit.

  12. Incorrect. I have a mission.

  13. ^You appear to be persistent. As is Ms. Continue people.

  14. It must be fake. Bears don’t like diamonds, they like honey.

  15. Awwww…can’t wait to have kids now…

  16. My friend and I have recounted all the times our parents tricked us on things like this, and how we will probably do the same. It also makes me realize how stupid we all were when we were young.

  17. Andd I realize my post will now get a bunch of “speak for yourself” replies.

  18. No, I’m pretty sure most of these kids were stupid then if the posts they’ve made recently are any indication.

  19. Aww that’s cute.

  20. ^you’re not. you’re a fucking idiot.

  21. Sometimes, yes I am 😛 Haha

  22. you can actually be cute, and be an idiot too. pretty sure they’re not mutually exclusive

  23. no. stupid is always ugly.

  24. no way! i know plenty of stunners who are thick as two planks

  25. yeah, but you’re one of the most shallow, superficial twits here – so you can blow your standards of beauty straight out of your ass.

  26. ya think? how would you know?

  27. why, because of how stupid you are.

  28. Because she herself is as stupid and ugly as she claims to know about. Why else would she need to turn to being a dick on the internet all the time?

  29. i think perhaps it’s more a case of – lacks physical beauty, so has convinced herself that beauty is “within” and congratulates herself on being clever and able to form a sentence and thinks that makes her beautiful. which isn’t quite right.
    she displays this “inner beauty” all over this website. just have a look and see. she’s just gorgeous!
    what a babe! grrr…..

  30. awesome.
    just throwing it out there in the sad hopes of making something stick?

    you couldn’t raise enough braincells between the two of you to adequately insult a 5 year old with downs.

    give it, kiddies. you suck balls at internetting.

  31. I would rather be beautiful and a nice person with a successful career, than be good at “internetting” and insulting people, and be a horrible ugly monster inside and out. Like you, Annabelle.

  32. of course you are so much superior. do tell me more. i bet it’s fucking fascinating.
    you’re just fucking fascinating.
    aren’t you?

  33. sorry, syndilou, you’ll have to speak up.
    I can’t hear what you are saying because of all the men crawling over you.
    you must have a bit of nutsack in your mouth again.

  34. “Jesus change your fucking record, will ya, slug?”

    Hmm… I could say the same thing to you. Can’t come up with new bitch material, so you just say the same thing on every comment? Get over yourself, drunkie. Just end yourself and save us all the trouble.

  35. what was that? too. many. men.

    oh syndi. you so popular.

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