Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ben Spammin’

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  1. It’s sad that people still get taken in by this stuff.

  2. sad? not really – more like inevitable

  3. Either bad sarcasm or they’re just really fucking stupid.

  4. how is this bad sarcasm, anhero1?

    i thought it was quite funny. great sarcasm if you ask me.

  5. No my anhero, it’s GOOD humour 🙂 I want friends like this, my home page is as eventful as wind on the moon.

  6. *no anhero/ no my friend.

    Definitly not my anhero. I fail.

  7. oh fuck, come on, really?


  8. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Thought it was funny too.

  9. ryan ftw, that was good!

  10. If you can’t tell if they are being honest or not, then it’s really good sarcasm.

    I am going to need to get Ryan’s number in a few months.

  11. MachineGun Monica

    This is actually pretty funny…

  12. I can’t believe that Ben would fall into this 419 scam and those who receive “amazing opportunities” in their e-mail boxes. Just wow.

    I remember when I had a e-mail about a $8.8 million lottery in Congo and they asked me for my S.S.N. and my bank account #s. But I didn’t fall for it because I read about it in a magazine and on the News.

    People like Ben need to know more about these kinds of scams. No one likes to be played by con-artists and the so-called “International Lottery Prizes”.

    Overall, I LOL’d at this. xD

  13. LOL. This was funny. The ending was so hilarious. But, I don’t know if these people are very stupid, or if they’re just being sarcastic.

  14. oh come on guys. obviously none of the original posters believed the scam. how can you not be sure that it’s sarcasm?!

  15. wertyiu102… if you cant tell if they are serious, then…

    Hey I have 100,000 Lira in an overseas account… I want to get my hands on it without alerting my ex-wife or her lawyer… If you help me out I will hook you up with 8%. I will transfer it to your account and then withdraw it immediately… we can split it up from there… I just need your account number

  16. wow, y’all are friggin dense.

  17. Clearly the posters are joking. And it’s hilarious.

  18. I was literally LMAO when I got to the “put my two weeks in” part. hahahahaha

  19. This is one of the best postings in a while (I know that doesn’t say much) but made me lol. Truly hoping myzhydee is showing us some of that “not sure if it’s sarcasm” stuff.

  20. Wow, sarcasm seems to fly over the heads of too many people these days. Pathetic.

  21. The post was good though.

  22. This was hilarious. 😀

  23. This isn’t funny. He’s just blatantly copied this off ‘Fonejacker’. It’d be good if he’d have thought of it himself.

  24. @whatthefargis – I agree. Great sarcasm indeed. I’m also looking forward to my penis going gigantic!

    Saffer – you drinking? 😉

  25. Hey everyone don’t bash the soon to be millionaire. Soon as he sends the $1,000 check overseas, gives his bank account and SS #, the millions will be deposited in his account..I mean this plan is fool proof, no?


  26. @jbigs im pretty sure they were being sarcastic…

  27. All I can say is to the posters not sure if it was sarcasm? FAIL

  28. This was great. And if you can’t tell that they’re being sarcastic, especially the opening post, I have quite the deal for you. Simply send your SSN# and bank account number, and I’ll transfer some money my great-great grandmother left me.

    Who else to share it with than complete strangers?

  29. LOVED IT
    Especially the last part haha

  30. I can’t believe that some commenters actually believe these guys fell for the scams.

  31. Wow, someone’s thick.

  32. The people who think Ben actually fell for that just need to move to the bottom of the ocean or something. They were obviously joking. It’s funny stuff. His friends even joined in on it by throwing in their own spam mail jokes.

  33. Okay, so for all of you that were too blind to get the sarcasm, please unplug your computer and throw it in the bathtub. I won’t tell you to jump in with it, because you’d take me literally, and I don’t want that on my conscience. Ben – hilarious post bro!

    P.S. This is your TV. I’m self aware, and I know what you did to me.

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