Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bernie’s New Ad

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  1. First he lost the Dem nomination, now this.

  2. This is actually a campaign by The Periodical Publishers Association (PPA)it’s designed to show the effectiveness of Irish magazine advertising. You can search for info online about the campaign.

  3. Makes sense because Bernie actually does have a lot of money.

  4. deviantnicole, dang, I was hoping it was real. Because a lot of people do this with their older relatives. They are *not* a source of income, and you are *not* automatically entitled to their money just because you’re related to them.

    My grandfather is my favorite person on this planet, and I hope he gives all of his money (he doesn’t have much) to charity. I know that it would piss off some of my family members, and they deserve it. I’m barely living paycheck to paycheck, but would be even more proud to be my grandfather’s granddaughter if he did that.

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