Monday, August 24, 2009

Better Get Started

Better Get Started

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  1. Kylie is probably a young girl (under 20) honestly this particular post isn’t all that funny.

  2. she must be a saggitarius.

  3. the best is still that she is looking for PAs to help her with that.

  4. more to the point, shes looking for FREE PA’s
    With her business empire and what not you’d think she’d be able to afford one…

  5. Sounds like someone has been hit on the head too many times..

  6. You don’t see a lot of Lawyer/Neurologists these days. Especially those who’ve raised twins.

  7. The only people with that many plans are age 5.

  8. looks like someone’s been playing a little too much M.A.S.H.

  9. Her head is a gold mine of shit ideas.

  10. I love how she talks about Illuminati, spiritual growth AND ‘God’ all in her future…Something’s wrong here…

  11. I, too, always wanted to grow up and to be a Politics.

  12. creating an Illuminati group and having a strong relationship with God? that’s a “BIGDREAM” alright.

  13. Amazing. 62 comments and still the only thing said, was about the people who made 62 comments. So, you either all think Kylie’s worthy of ridicule because: a) she has unrealistic dreams to you; or, b) she has been abused. Well, I see there is actually a place for people who get off on laughing about abuse and thinking everyone should share in their own mediocrity, as since they can’t gain self-esteem from their own success, everyone has to wallow with them. Well, as long as it keeps you all quiet in the real world, then I guess this place has a useful purpose after all, even if it is just to keep the useless out of the way of the rest of us.

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