Friday, January 17, 2020

Big Fence

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  1. This kind of thing happens in neighborhoods that gentrify. Land values in urban cores skyrocket, pushing urbanites into sub and exurban communities. This pushes up land values in those satellite areas. Long time residents sell at a nice appreciation, move somewhere as cheap as they’re used to. The new move-ins (able to buy in new hot neighborhoods), have more to contribute to the HOA, and the HOA suddenly has more backers and teeth.

    You can bet that the new move ins may have stricter attitudes about how homes are managed, because this directly impacts land values and their recent expensive investment.

    Meanwhile, while the “grandfathered in” folks worry about the government taking their liberties, capitalist enterprise and a group of private citizens end up doing that very thing.

  2. Wow! You genius cunt! I’m impressed

  3. The Beast Among Us

    I just installed a gate that looks almost exactly like this.

    I had no reason for it other than I wanted to piss people off.

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