Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Plans!

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  1. I don’t get it.

  2. I had this huge rant about this but now I am wondering; did she get an abortion or is talking about safe sex? aka planned parenthood.

    And what the heck is up with the energy drink sticker?

  3. Baby 2… does this mean there is a poor baby 1?

  4. I’m 95% sure that that’s a condom she’s holding. Why anyone would want to use a Monster condom is beyond me, though…

  5. is that a freaking monster condom?!?

  6. Makes one wish she’d learned of planned parenthood a little sooner

  7. that’s definitely a monster condom. I’ve seen them.

  8. aside from the cheese-tastic MS paint job, why is this lame? good for her for actually knowing what’s going on in politics today, and being aware that she isn’t ready for another child. and a condom is a condom- the brand doesn’t matter, the fact that she’s using them is what’s important.

  9. roquelaure

    Oh I agree, that’s why I refrained from the huge rant.

    But I did not know there were monster condoms, lol have sex energized? what’s the pitch their selling?

  10. I read the ‘i stand’ on her finger as ‘i stoned’ which would have explained the vomit-inducing font and righteous tone of her ‘message’ <4

  11. Aside from that, most definitely un-lame.

  12. ^shut up

  13. ^fuck off

  14. Even though she clearly can’t spell and the “artwork” is gross, I can’t hate. At least she’s being safe and watches the news. Good for her.

  15. Better get in on the Planned Parenthood deal while it lasts, government is about to defund it.

  16. Anyone that has in any way suggested that condom use or abortion is anything less than murder on this page is going straight to hell. God has inspired me, and I’m taking names, people and I’ll write them in the book of death or whatever.

    Our all-knowing Creator can see through your thinly-disguised internet monikers.

    Ps, I stand.

  17. I miss Dan Fargis. He would have shamed you guys to fuck.

    But I digress, it doesn’t matter how damn right you are on an issue: nothing calls for this shit.

  18. I also read it as ‘I stoned’, but I still didn’t think that excused the most garish thing ever to vomit in my eye sockets.

  19. Shouldn’t have had baby 1 either, if my guess at her age is anywhere near right.

    Also, I’d trust a condom made by an energy drink company as much as I’d trust Sarah Palin with a rifle. That is, not at all.

  20. If she actually uses that condom she’s so proudly displaying, (there’s a 98% chance) she won’t have to make a choice as to ‘what happens after that’

  21. You all are giving her more credit then you should if you think she actually follows politics or national news. She picked it up off viral (pun intended) posts on facebook.

    If she (or anyone) wants an abortion or condoms, fine… but pay for it, because I don’t want to pay for that “crazy wild child” and her “choice”.

  22. She’s probably not all that intelligent. She probably only thinks Planned Parenthood is for free condoms not the other things that go within the spectrum like WIC and testing for STDs and AIDs. So no cookie for her.

  23. @Veral ~ I dunno. She looks like she’s definitely likely to have taken advantage of PP’s free STD testing. Prolly lots of times. o_O

  24. She’ll never use that condom. Or any other. And we know it.

  25. She says what happens AFTER sex is up to her.

    I think that is the fail here. I mean, it’s birth control and condoms that are in jeopardy with Planned Parenthood. So she should be saying, it’s my choice to have sex and it’s my choice to use protection… or something.

    She has sex and she wants to be smart about it, because she knows she isn’t ready for baby number 2… or something.

    Maybe I am just being too picky with wording though.

  26. Ugh! That is so incredibly TACKY!

    It’s not that I don’t respect her standing up for her beliefs… it’s just that when displayed in icecream coloured font and scrawled love hearts it comes across less as a valid political stand, and more as a chance to desperately scream “Look, look, I have SEX, isn’t that BADASS??!!”

  27. What happens after sex is up to me too…to stay or not to stay? To sleep there or to go home…there’s s many choices. But seriously, stand up for what ever…but it doesn’t help your point when you look like an idiot. Personally, I’m a huge fan of planned parenthood. But hey, I use their birth control methods so I don’t have to get a fetus chopped and/or vacuumed out of me. Her talking about it in that way makes it look more like an abortion factory than an effort to educate people and PREVENT pregnancy.
    And where the hell do you get Monster condoms?

  28. I CANNOT believe no one has mentioned this: Leashy? For realsies?

    Also, I would like to give mad props and an air-five to this slut for matching her nails to the colors in her address to the government/Planned Parenthood/the retart she fucked last week whose baby she carryin’.

    Thank you.

  29. MsBuzzkillington – I think she means, “I can have as many taxpayer-funded abortions as I want, fuck ya’ll!”
    Which, regardless of your prolife/prochoice views, I think is the saddest thing I’ve read today. Personally, I think abortion is the selfish murder of a human child. But even if you can somehow justify it, can you really be okay with this teenager having irresponsible sex and then killing multiple babies… just because she can? That’s terrible.
    And really… Planned Parenthood? If you have to go somewhere, why spend your money helping the most racist, eugenics-motivated company out there? Helping women, my ass. More like helping poor & minority women further the domination by wealthy white men.

  30. There are 960 more of those pics 🙁

  31. Idiot. It’s been illegal since 1976 for Planned Parenthood to use federal funds for abortions. STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT TAXPAYER-FUNDED ABORTIONS, MORONS.

  32. Ummmm this “child” shouldnt be having sex or baby one or two… she needs to be in school LEARNING HOW TO SPELL

  33. @AlanDente: I understand why some people think of abortion as murder, but can I just ask how condom use qualifies?

  34. @colorfulenigma Because AlanDente believes that every sperm is sacred. He’d rather keep pumping out the kids until he’s destitute and has to sell them all for scientific experiments.

    Oh, and Al: nothing screams “Christian” like putting others into a book of death. The people that give religion a bad name are the ones that use God (or whoever they worship) as an excuse for their own hatred.

  35. Thank you for eloquently saying what I was thinking, un1k3n. And did you have Monty Python’s song in mind when you said “every sperm is sacred”? Even if you didn’t, it’s in my head now…

  36. terminaltrip421

    what’s “the goverment”?

  37. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, you have to admit this is a uniquely retarded argument.

    “Forsaking responsible decision-making for fun/convenience was my decision, so forsaking the consequences should be my prerogative also.”

  38. I’m pretty sure that with those nails, the lip-ring, and the fact that she looks about 17 means that I can talk her into just giving me a blow job. Then she can put the condom back in the drawer and all of us can stop bickering right now.

  39. youareallretarded

    You are All fucking retarded. Anyone here under the age of 35 needs to be clubbed like a baby seal.

  40. has anyone noticed she spelled “view” wrong?
    Put aside how tacky this looks, that’s just sad.

  41. She also spelt “government” wrong too 🙂

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