Thursday, February 11, 2021

Big Smalls


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  1. He was a Republican… Hollywood won’t make that movie.

  2. Right because there has never been a movie made about Lincoln or any other historical figures. Who would have been Democrats in the modern era. But you’d rather just make up stuff.

  3. I’m sorry. Allow me to clarify, He is black and a Republican… that would not fit the Hollywood narrative. As far as your ‘modern era’… you are apparently the one who likes to make stuff up. There are plenty of black republicans today, but again, they don’t fit the proper narrative.

  4. @badskey – You may be correct that it would not get made today, but I think it would. They are making many movies with a black central character. But you are wrong about what a republican used to be and what it represents today. The few black republicans there are are displayed out in front of the RNC headquarters to advertise how wonderful republicans are. Guess what, there are a lot of redneck gun totin’ democrats too. What’s your point?

    It is disingenuous to suggest that republicans are diverse in the least. I came to the realization 8 years ago that they had been lying to me my entire life, so I left the party, then came the orange idiot and he proved me right.

    So the statement you made should have been “If he was a modern day republican, Hollywood wouldn’t make that movie.”

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