Thursday, December 30, 2010

BIG Winner

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  1. Hence the idiotic. Meant to be done on purpose. What part of that do you not get?

  2. Pedantic Romance Language Nazi


    I was right! Look, she removed the link to her name after I pointed it out.

    Sweet victory.


  3. Pedantic Romance Language Nazi

    (butterkitten too)

  4. I took it off, AND changed my password, in hopes of salvaging this account and helping to prevent future hacks.

    Sweet loss. πŸ™‚

  5. Pedantic Romance Language Nazi

    So you say.

    You shall not fool me.


  6. If you ride the schoolbus…then you don’t go to college…so how are you a…

    Forget it, bring back the witty banter and out with the flames! or at least combine them into witty banterous flames.

  7. You fail.

  8. Touche, hacker. I suppose I will have to create a new account.

    Jonjones, one of the nursing home/ rehabilitation facilities in my town offers a class to become a CNA/CNT. I took it. That’s how. πŸ™‚ I graduated high school in ’08. Do people automatically assume a video was JUST made? It can’t possibly be a few years old. No way.

  9. Touche, hacker. I suppose I will have to create a new account.

    Jonjones, one of the nursing home/ rehabilitation facilities in my town offers a class to become a CNA/CNT. I took it. That’s how. I graduated high school in ’08. Do people automatically assume a video was JUST made? It can’t possibly be a few years old. No way.

  10. I didn’t know Keona was a girl.

  11. I agree that the Keona’s Slave page is weak. Couldn’t post a few extra entries about longing for the taste of wet ass drippings on an oiled whip handle? Maybe a detail about being used as toilet paper and how it fulfills you in ways your job at the Safeway never could? Lame.

    Nice picture, tho.

  12. Its the fucking Beatles

    Wow. So much hate. And for what? Someone having an opinion that the “elite” don’t like. 😐

  13. @112
    Those damn elite at it again right…peasant revolution! We’ll take this lamebook forum from those elite who are obviously the cause for all of your petty troubles.

  14. Its the fucking Beatles

    The “elite” are revolting enough, without the peasants joining in.

  15. Ah very clever sir, you are correct. Fight the power, the lamebook power as it were right? Although they don’t actually yield any power on the website or have any official title, or have even participated in this argument, it is still all their fault right? some sort of clever scheme by the elite to get at the working man of lamebook right? Those elite…always after the working man….of lamebook.

  16. @Keona, according to you, you and your mates were giggling about tampons a few years back in this youtube vid, and you graduated 2 years ago. Either you were THE most immature graduates or you are lying about your timeline. I belive it’s the latter. So to put it in terms that you will understand you’re a liar liar pants on fire!

  17. Spanka We were just really fucking immature. Though, to be fair, a majority of other seniors at my school had that sort of humour as well. Doesn’t really matter now, does it?

    If I were to be that way in a uni, then yes, that would pose an issue.

  18. Its the fucking Beatles

    Why are you ignoring the fact that I have used the word “elite” with the quotation marks Jonjones? Does that not tell you something? Because it should do. It should tell you that my use of the word “elite” was not of my origin, I took it from some other poster who used the word. I was trying to make a point that the fact someone on here thinks there is some kind of “elite” group within the comments pages of LB is rather redundant considering noone actually knows anyone else on here.

  19. Yes, you did take a test and pass it, but it was a damn nurse assistant course, not nurse. Nurses have at least a little more education than a cma. Even if, for some bizarre reason, you took an 8 month long cma/cmt course, you still wouldn’t be a nurse. That’s a little like me saying that I am a physical therapist if I’m only a pta. I mean, there is a huge amouont of education needed for 1, not so much for the other. There is a difference betweena cna/cmt & rn or even lvn. Saying something doesn’t make it true.

  20. Janek #79, you are incorrect. I love both those things.

    On the other hand, Keona, sorta is correct. You may have studied, but you are not a nurse. Sorry.

  21. Anyway, good on you for taking the time to at least get a minimum of education, and either supporting yourself, or putting yourself through more classes & obtaining a higher degree. I hope you have a blessed life and I hope you find every thing that you wish for.

  22. Hey word you’re a nurse aren’t you? I would give my left nut to see you in your sexy nurse uniform!

  23. What? that’s complete nonsense. That’s not what you were saying at all and there are people on here who know each other in real life.

    Your original comment did nothing of the sort and I suggest you look up the definition of redundant sir. Good day!

    This is where I would storm off in a cinematic fashion that wrecks your psyche and confidence.

  24. I am, Spanks. Whilst I’m very appreciative of the lengths you would go to, performing an orchidectomy would be in vain. The uniform is not sexy. It used to be. And it’s a damn shame, you know. It was great for patient morale.

  25. in keona’s defense, tampons are kinda funny. i don’t think laughing at them makes someone immature. i mean if you can’t laugh at your own body sometimes, you’re doing something wrong.

  26. Its the fucking Beatles

    Jonjones I’m not going to get into a debate over shite frankly. I couldn’t give a monkeys either way. Though I must confess I never feel comfortable when seeing a group of people targeting one person out for “special attention”. That smacks of bullying whatever way you look at it. So the person maybe annoying. But surely the most grown up way to deal with it would be to ignore it completely.

  27. Hmmm…if you think tampons are funny alot of the witty banter that is often thrown about on this site must be lost on you.

  28. Question for the people of the Isle: I’ve only ever met Irish people who talk about banter. Is it just as common for Brits? I never hear that word in American English.

  29. @126


    Sir, the essence of this site is laughing at lameness, which is rarely a two-way street (that’d just be a flame war, which also does happen sometimes). Also, I think you’re taking vincent’s ‘elite’ comment more seriously than even he does. Dickishness is part of much LB humor – you make it sound like people here wear cardigans and are on the rowing team or something.

  30. Its the fucking Beatles

    I’d say banter is a British/Irish thing possibly.

    As for the cardigans and the rowing team. I lol’d! That isn’t what I was intending but it was a rather funny analogy which I’m happy to admit made me laugh!:D

    As for the rest. Meh! I am merely expressing an opinion. I don’t expect people to agree with me. I’m not asking for a popular vote or anything. But opinions are just that. I’m not stating fact. I’m not saying what people should or shouldn’t do. It was just my observation. Nothing more, nothing less. πŸ™‚

  31. I’ve only ever heard of banter being an Irish thing really

  32. Its the fucking Beatles

    Don’t know where you come from Bobbette, but in London banter is a common word.

  33. a banter is a type of supple wooden cane which the elite members of the lamebook comments section use to spank noobs with.

  34. @126
    Since I am obviously the grown manly-man here, I shall not dignify that with a response.

  35. @129
    You mean you aren’t wearing yours? I was wondering why you weren’t at rowing practice the other day…

    Well, I’ll still see you at polo ol’ sport.

  36. Its the fucking Beatles

    Like you have come to the conclusion I wear cardigans, speak like a twat and particpate in pointless sports, then it’s safe to assume you participate in illegal substances and vast quanities of alcohol. Because that’s the only reason I can come up with as to why you’d make such fucking stupid assumptions on the basis of a couple of comments. Funny though they may be they’re still completely wrong.

  37. Holy Jesus man, calm down.

    I think you need all those things you just described to quiet your aggression.

  38. @ 127, thinking tampons are funny doesn’t mean witty banter is lost on me.

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