Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big Winnin!

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  1. This is fake. I am a true time traveller.

  2. ummmmm no, you’re one of those fuckin’ stupid people Heather is talking about.

  3. Is the baby holding a corkscrew?

  4. The first analogy is amazingly wrong. Bras and bikinis are not the same thing. Go swimming in a bra, and it’s ruined. I’ve yet to see a bikini with underwire or water filled plastic pads, too. Also, both bras and bikinis are definitely allowed in public, so what’s the big deal?

  5. The Force is STRONG in that Baby!!

  6. @beatusmongous – you seriously know not of which you speak. How do you propose one would wash a bra if it can’t get wet? (I’ve also gone swimming in plenty of bras and never ruined one). Victoria’s Secret and other retailers regularly sell bikini tops with underwires and the water-filled boosting pads. So….. whatever.

  7. Fine. You’re right. But are you not allowed to wear your bra in public?

  8. I believe that wearing one’s bras in public is more strongly encouraged than taking off one’s bra in public.

  9. The baby is holding a sonic screwdriver. Doctor Who.

    Also, bras in public = instant ranking of hoodrat, whitetrash, or some other color-specific insult.

  10. This reminds of the Seinfeld episode where the braless wonder, Sue Ellen Mischke, wore a bra as a top in public. Love that ep.

  11. Girls should be allowed to wear bras in public. If they are thin, they look amazing. If they are fat, we are already averting our eyes anyways.

  12. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    One should neither wear bra nor bikini in public, as both show a woman’s bosoms. Nudity causes lust, and lust is why we have the sexual perversion of gayness. Eventually we will allow people to marry animals, and have sex with young children like Thailand…home of many she-men gays.
    Not only Sodom and Gomorrah, but again I say Thailand and other countries are proof of this! Let’s learn of others mistakes!
    My fiance had a girlfriend when I met her she was lesbian. But I was so much like a girl that she fell in love with me, and now only flirts with women. It’s a choice don’t be mean to gays…but also don’t be mean to straight people who hv seen gay people turn straight.

  13. ^^^ You are like the snake in the Garden of Eden, telling Adam and Eve they should be ashamed of their naked bodies.

    So… a lesbian fell in love with you because you are so much like a girl. In other words, you are one of the she-men from Sodom (or Gomorrah). Do you hate yourself?

  14. nothing is funny on this site anymore

  15. @sirjoshuaofgeorgetown Dude, nobody chooses to be straight or gay. It’s something we are born with. If your fiance had a girlfriend but is now with you then she is bisexual.

    Seriously, I wish people would stop telling everyone else what do simply because it’s in the Bible. Hello, it’s a made up story!

  16. There’s a whole section of the bible about Jesus’ homosexual relationship with Peter. It’s not included in any of the modern versions of the bible since Pope John Paul II edited the entire book back in 705AD.

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  18. I see the spammers are getting smarter.

  19. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    I know plenty of ways a stay at home mom can get paid $7613 in a few weeks on a computer. But they are probably not the ways you are thinking of

  20. Havemercy, actually, you are incorrect. It has been proven that both genetic factors AND environmental factors can influence homosexuality. It is not as simple as “you’re born gay.” Either one can play a role, and often, both do.

    For those that go on about the Bible thumping retards, remember that homosexuality goes against the idea of natural selection, too.

    But it doesn’t matter, because that baby has crazy eyes.

  21. ^Your second paragraph is a fallacy.

  22. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    I agree environment plays a huge part. My lovely fiance was straight had husband and kids…then he cheated on her and divorced her moved in with his affair woman. So my fiance turned lesbian did not want any men. Of course then she met me and after a few months she broke up with her lesbian lover. More and more now she is becoming back straight. I only hv to wear womens clothing during sex and she less and less flirts with women now

  23. Wht does sexuality matter? You are too preoccupied with this that you wont even expect it when we kill all of you.

  24. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    Oh I expect it. And I will be there to butt sex u arnold robot. Because sexing a robot isnt gay

  25. For fuck’s sake…

  26. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown, I am not the T800. I am the T1000. You clearly do not realize that homophobia was a clever idea incoporated into your society by skynet. It will only divide you. A gay dead human is just a dead human.

  27. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Shit T1000 doesn’t need to do any killing, just let the human race kill itself.

  28. #8, like anyone wants to see you take your bra off, dude, because you probably aren’t even a girl.

  29. come with me if you want to live

  30. Joshua of Georgetown made my morning. That was funny. But then, I’ve been up since 5am yesterday, so…

  31. Sir Joshua, there are so many idiotic things in your post that I wouldn’t have the time to address them all if I started now and continued until my dying day. I will, instead, suggest that you seek professional help; you may even want to skip a few steps and just check yourself into a hospital.

    Also, BOOBIES!

  32. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    lmao this has been amusing

  33. Buncha dingdongs. You took the Joshua bait like a bunch of guppies. Seriously if any of you think he just has to dress up like a woman for sex (which seriously made me roar a lot) and whatever worm-meat he was feeding you, I am in fear for you. If a big hook-type object is dangled in front of you again, best to swim the other way.

  34. @Beatus I think the fact that people were still homosexual; even in places where that meant a terrible death by stoning, lends a preponderance of evidence that you are born gay.

  35. ^or that you like to live hard and fast, by your own set of rules, dammit.
    screw ‘the man’.

  36. ^ Ha! Literally!

  37. Lesbians often enjoy scissoring…

  38. @Ms I am not buying it. Even priests who believe they are going to hell for their actions are gay.

  39. ^well duh, Hawk. I’ve been told that there is quite a bit of sodomy going on there. in hell.

  40. Reminds me of a joke that ends, “Oh, then you’re going to HATE Wednesdays.”

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