Monday, June 23, 2014

Bilingual Backfire

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  1. If you’re really that shitty, I wouldn’t want to talk to you either.

  2. The Beast Among Us

    It was all just Pig Latin, and you were still clueless.

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  4. Was that before or after you blew him for his chicken tenders?

  5. I don’t care. She’s hot. #datass.

  6. Do they serve non-greasy chicken at KFC?

  7. The Beast Among Us

    ^ No.

  8. I see – thanks. We don’t have KFC here, so I wouldn’t know.

  9. “No parlez-vous espanol” is the go-to response when a stranger starts chatting me up and I don’t wanna make small talk. It works on so many different levels.

  10. The Beast Among Us

    ^ I usually say, “I’m not in the mood to talk right now,” and if they keep going, I turn, look at them dead in the eye, bear some teeth, and growl. They shut up real quick.

  11. I say ‘have you invited Jesus into your life?’
    Unless that was their opening line, in which case ‘I am a disciple of the Prince of Darkness’.

  12. The Beast Among Us

    ^ I’d talk to you either way, just to see how fucked up you really are.

  13. I would start a conversation with the voices in my head, twitch constantly and make animal type noises. It’s amazing how much personal space you’re given and how much quicker you get your order 😉

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