Thursday, January 10, 2013

Billy Bust!

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  1. I’m confused.

  2. As am I

  3. The times are all wrong. Fuck off.

  4. Perhaps she started uploading the picture before she found out he was cheating, and her really slow 3G iPhone took 10 minutes to finish uploading the picture.

  5. Someone trying too hard to be funny by piecing things together that didn’t happen.

  6. Getting that the times don’t matchup, it’s still not that funny.

  7. Nope. Don’t get it.

  8. Maybe she’s a timelord?

  9. Maybe she already moved on, and that is the new one?

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  11. Profile pic… same as later pic… head… hurt

  12. Yes, I know it retrospectively changes and … ah fuck it it
    s just not fucking worth it.

  13. They broke up because of whatever allegedly happened in lexington and made up again 5 mins later…

  14. I didn’t think Bonnie’s story was terrific either.

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  16. Why is there a selection of douchebags who will thumb up every Lamebook update no matter how bad it is? Are 15 people really simple enough to find this amusing?

    Also: “He is my silly and I am his Billy” ?? This alone is pukeworthy, if such cheese came up in my news feed I’d defriend her. Immediately.

  17. I don’t know, Dan, but as of right now it’s 23 up/450 down. This tells me that people think it’s a fucking ridiculous waste of Lamebook server space, and they should have posted something better from their submissions.

    And since I know the silly motherfucker that submitted this probably checks the comments, fuck you. What the hell were you thinking? Really? Dude, I know you can find something funnier, more white trash, redneck, retarded females that think they’re tough shit arguing about something equally stupid, that we might get a kick out of. So screenshot that shit of post it you fucking gimp!

  18. DanR is my silly and I am his billy!

  19. Was hoping that someone would explain this to me., but apparently I’m not the only one confused. This is just… Stupid.

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