Monday, May 25, 2020

Birthday Guilt


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  1. Yeah. Except that was neither a threat nor a bribe.

  2. It qualifies as extortion, if not a direct threat. Using intimidation or a position of authority to force a behavior is extortion. She is using her matriarchal role over family ties to intimidate and bully. OP wins, doesn’t win vocab contest.

  3. Sputtercupnfun

    You’re BOTH wrong.This Lady was merely showing her birthday cake and stating that none of her(probably younger)friends would post her or it.I say “SHAME on them!” For SOMEone who has been around longer than Coca Cola,indoor plumbing and May have been born the month after the Titanic sank, I think she deserves some respect!she was NOT bribing,whining or using coercion.Those who responded in the latter need to go back to school!(unless it’s just your generation.Are you both UNDER 35?)in MY opinion the younger generation(millennial and a decade younger) are SO PORCUPINE, easily offended,and lookin for something to be offended over!

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