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  1. These blow.

  2. I second that. They lack humor and originality.

  3. David from the first one made me laugh.
    I’ve never seen Sex and the City. I don’t think I’m missing out.

  4. i need to befried luke just for his porn collection, apparently.

  5. I thought they were hysterical! Three women and a foot? HAHA! Ugh. I hate it when I think an entry is really funny and I come in here to comments about how it’s not. Whatevs, LB, I’m hitting my like button.

    …speaking of which… Bulldog, you still around?

  6. Sex in her shitty? hahahahaha I think that is pricesless. I would pony up the $15 for it…but then again, I LOVE PORN!

  7. I love that they despite it so, yet also know the names of the main characters…

    ‘I only watch it to mock it! Honestly!’

  8. sarah jessica parker has an unfortunate face.

  9. I agree with BritishHobo. If these guys hate the show so much, how do they know so much about the main characters?

    I’ll admit, I’m a woman and I LOVE the SATC series. So these posts were not funny in any way.

  10. I used to like Sarah Jessica Parker and then my Brother married a crazy bitch that looks, smiles and laughs like Sarah Jessica Parker and she pretty much ruined every Sarah Jessica Parker movie for me…ugh…..

  11. is your brother called Matthew Broderick?

  12. I’ll admit, I’m a chick and I have never, ever, ever, ever watched this programme or the movie.
    But these were hilarious. 😀

    The only series I watch on tv is House anyway. Can’t get into anything else.

  13. MsBuzzkillington

    Luke knows a *little* bit too much about the show to have been “forced by his girlfriend” to watch it. I mean he is the worst out of all of them. Goes into so much detail.

    I liked the Sarah Jessica Pork-her joke. That made me laugh.

  14. tangalangadingdong

    @hobo and becky If we believe Luke in the second one, men like him are ‘forced’ to watch the movie by their significant others who love the crapola. There’s a lot of stored up hostility in these posts so I tend to believe the men went to the movie and/or sat through reruns of the show in hopes of being able to play ‘sex in the shitter’ with their significants after!

  15. Ya why would they watch it if they hate it so much. I love the show but I will not be taking any of my boy toys. I will have a girls night out.
    Grow some balls and tell the girl you are with that you don’t want to go. If she cuts you off over not going she is a crazy find a new woman.

  16. TylerDurdenUMD


    It’s the fact women seem to get far more excited for it then men with: (Super Bowl) x (World Series) x (2)(Stanley Cups) + (New Call of Duty)^leaked Jessica Biel nudes.

    Then we have to hear “OMG! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have their lives!” Soon we find ourselves making sure to account for every dollar in our wallets.

  17. Let’s be fair, SJP shaved the mole off. No need to stare at it anymore.

  18. The dog dies.

  19. YorkshirebornNBread

    it’s not that we’re forced to watch…it’s that little boy thing where we “do a deal” i.e. “sweetie, I’ll sit through this, if you let me try the tarzan position using the swing and the tree in the back yard”..and being blokes, we complain about the us getting the worse end of the deal!

  20. i take it “ranga” is some aussie slang for redhead? related to kangaroo or something?

  21. Haha. Ranga is derived from orangutan

  22. These made me laugh. Thanks for explaining ranga too. I learn something odd here everyday. lol

  23. Desolation Row

    If we stop talking about Sex and The City will it just go away?!

  24. Ranga is the most commonly used word when referring to a red-head in Australia.

    It’s either that, or fanta pants


  26. rockinghorsefly

    Haha! I loved these! I think Sarah Jessica Parker is actually a man. Or a horse. Or a horse-man.

  27. Really? People think this was funny? Lamest ever. The horse jokes are so played. It’s not funny when you tell a joke as if you’re the first and you’re the zillionth.

  28. Hiya Katypants, better late than never, I’m still out here. 🙂

  29. @ 24: Fantapants! I laugh every time I hear it. It makes ranga seems so ’90s…

    I didn’t know that ‘Ranga’ was Australian specific. Next you’ll tell me that ‘Bogan’ and ‘Budgie-smugglers’ are not common phrases in the US. As if!

  30. krasivaya_devushka

    The funny thing is that there is actually a website

  31. SJP can look great or look ugly. It’s all in the angles.
    Regardess, I’d take SJP over her insipid, porky husband in a heartbeat.

  32. I don’t care what they look like, all I know is that from the little Sex and the City I watched, it was about as entertaining as watching a turd dry in the sun. My female friends forced me to a night of watching it with them and I wanted to tear my hair out from the sheer boredom. I know that having a vagina means that it is practically against the law for me to say that, but I’ll just have to risk it.

  33. @sleazyjesus

    Speaking from one vagina to another, you are entitled to hate SATC. Not only are they a terrible stereotype about woman, but they make us look bad- especially those of us who are intelligent. That show is enough for my vagina to shrivel up and run away…

  34. Being married to Matthew Broderick would equal turd drying in entertainment value.

  35. I thought these were funny, especially everything Luke had to say. And they were all fresh jokes to me so that worked out great. I don’t ever watch tv so I’ve never seen the show but I know who Sarah Jessica Porkher is so that made it funny.

    @word: I agree. That Broderick guy irritates me to no end

  36. Walter Sobchak

    Excuse me everybody, I am Ryan and I don’t understand any of these comments because I am a dumbass and just wanted to let everybody know. Thanks. You may continue now.

  37. I don’t watch SATC and yet I still hate SJP. I don’t know about her acting, or her character, or her private life… even her face I guess she can’t really help..


    Why does she insist on talking like a cutesy wootsy little 15 year old girl?! ARGH. It drives me crazy. I just know she’s doing it to be all feminine and ‘lovely’ just like her shitty perfume. This woman has the power to make me angry just by opening her mouth and fluttering her eyelashes at anyone who’ll listen to her drivel.

  38. @Dixie Normous

    Thank god I’m not the only one

  39. The first one made me chuckle, and I also like SATC. hehe

  40. @wordsmith, fanta pants is hilarious, I’m going to use it next time I see my redheaded friend, she’ll laugh so hard or give me a strange look. I’m Australian and it’s the first time I’ve heard it

  41. omg that, is funnnnny! I know it’s kind of mean, but it is so funny.

  42. I once had sex in the City… I’m still tagged up at the moment and am not allowed to enter the city boundaries on pain of having my name put in BOLD on the sex offenders list…

    Coincendtally I was caught having sex with a buck toothed, extravagantly but wankly clothed horse.

  43. krasivaya_devushka

    My friend likes to call it Sluts in the City.

  44. krasivaya_devushka

    or *and the City* whatever it is…

  45. Sarah Jessica Porkher loves Sex in her Shitty, while a funny ass title, has been been on the internet for years and is not a porn but a blow-up doll, which means Luke is not only unoriginal but also a liar.

    the leg was reunited with his walker!

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