Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blowin’ in the Wind

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  1. …I hate when I’m blanketed by penis storms…Oh wait…no I get paid for that shit.

  2. sandwiches are good for you
    sandwiches are fine
    i like sandwiches i eat them all the time
    i eat them for my supper and i eat them for my lunch
    if i had a million sandwiches, i’d eat them all at once

    and when i say sandwich i mean penis.

  3. I’ve seen too many storm penises today. Someone’s getting raped tonight

  4. Peniswatch 2011 ::cue dramatic news theme::

    Sorry guys, I whipped it out to take a leak, and the radar just must have picked it up.

  6. I was talking to my grandpa about this and he just ran out into the yard screaming something about Pearl Harbor. What does that have to do with wangs in the sky?

  7. And Lo I did say to my Father, the almighty, ‘Father make a giant cock and balls appear before the sinners to make them repent their ways.’

    And lo it came…. all over America’s face

  8. breakingconformity

    What is on that TV? It looks like either wrestling or a beached mermaid.

  9. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is really funny and 1 is really lame, this entry is a 5.00000. BORING!!!!

    (Except for the mermaid who tripped on her fin and faceplanted on the red carpet, ahahahah!!!)

  10. (I’d still do’er though.)

  11. *Comes in, looks round, same old shit, walks out*

    Still no mofo? Un-fucking-believable considering half the shoite that pass as comments on here.

  12. Paranoid I am still here, it is just that I am now operating on a six hour delay system…

  13. I’m pretty sure I saw a tame mofo comment yesterday. Maybe just wishful thinking? Or drugs… Tame mofo… Yeah. Must be drugs.

  14. I hope it is coming this way.

  15. Walter, Walter, Walter… please take a comedy class and brush your teeth. I have never seen them personally, but you strike me as the kind of guy who doesn’t brush his teeth.

  16. fuck me that’s weird. Your comment was NOT there when I posted, mofo. It WASN’T! AARGH!!
    Was it? What the fuck were those drugs?!

  17. LOL at comments today..keep em cummin’ (How awful a joke, how do I live with myself???)

  18. @13 Past-Imamofo It’s me Future-Imamofo DO NOT fuck her in the arse, she’s going to shit herself.

    wandr That was my six hour delay system that you fell afoul of sorry… It was a side effect of my recent time travel experiments…. I took a nice trip to late nineteenth century Austria and got myself into a tasty looking little buxom Austrian lass… She was called Klara Hitler… or something like that anyway.

  19. You’ve caused much damage, there, with that little trip. Nearly gauged my eyes out.

    Hitler? Doesn’t ring a bell

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