Monday, January 30, 2012

Blowin’ Up!

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  1. first!…..

  2. ^your life is now complete. kill yourself.

  3. And for the love of God, do it quietly. No need to make a scene.

  4. Maybe you should just pet your puppy.

  5. Way ahead of you, mad2.

    Oh, you meant topio1. Nvrmnd then.

  6. I saw that one coming

  7. carlosspicyweiner

    Crap, that doll isn’t even available anymore on Amazon.

  8. Feel free to pet your puppy too, Bacchante. Or walk your dog, if that’s the way you swing.

  9. Mind if I watch, though?

  10. I like to watch a couple girls petting their puppies together. Or even scratching each other’s scarabs.

  11. Sure thing, beatus. SOMEONE has to hold the camera and it might as well be you.

    mad2, scratching scarabs sounds SO wrong. Too close to scabs. Blech.

  12. Scabs are sexy.

  13. Skin slippage = sexy.
    Scabs = blech.

  14. it’s fun when a new plaything comes along for the usual gang of idiots.

  15. I want to play. I can’t wait to be bent over by the usual idiots. Sounds like my kind of evening.

    Oh yeah, post was lamer than lame.

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