Monday, March 1, 2010

Boozin’ and Losin’

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  1. Lauren’s friends FAIL.

  2. Kayla’s self-admitted “butter face” : WIN.

  3. Bryony is going to be broke and dead tomorrow evening.

    Sarah made me giggle a little. Drunk typing is hard.

    Hope Kayla has a good time.

  4. I think Bryony’s parents had about 53 drinks before coming up with that name.

  5. Control the moron population. Please get your alcoholics spayed and neutered.

  6. Haha @ Sensible Madness

  7. Sure Lauren, get hammered, your substance abuse problem is coke right?

  8. There’s a shit-load of anti alcohol campaigns in these bozos.

  9. I was going to make a comment about how dumb it is that drinking till your head explodes is considered cool, but these guys speak for ’emselves.

  10. If Sarah had a bigger bust someone would have helped.

  11. “I must I must I must increase my bust” That’s a win!

    Haha @ Kayla “Butter face”

  12. We all need to increase our bust.

  13. Did Bryony’s parents pick the name whilst drunk?

  14. Oh nvm Sensible Madness…@_@

  15. Sarah, fiziup ignborgeds. I’m coming to yeko you. Swruos.

  16. LOL nashntth

  17. Guys what’s wrong with the name Bryony?

    But yeah, her idea was a stupid one. Lauren – the substance abuse meeting clearly wasn’t her idea. Kayla – just lol. Butter face.

  18. Bryony is one of those names people give to girls when they really wanted a boy.

    “We had the name Bryan picked out already, but we had a girl so we just decided to add a y (a y at the end makes every name feminine, apparently) and then change the vowel just to fuck with everyone.”

  19. Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret

  20. The “we must increase our bust” is from “Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret”. Sorry, just sayin…

  21. DAMN! Two minutes too late.

  22. Funny you should say that, Sensible Madness. I used to have a friend called Bryony and until I saw her name written down I did think it was spelt Briany. But I still think it’s a nice name, nicer than Bryan, which isn’t nice even for a guy.

  23. Chris should be shot in the ass for sending his own status to Lamebook. I hate when people do that.

  24. How do you know he submitted his own status? Am I missing something?

  25. @Meggy, you can tell because of the padlocky symbol underneath, you only see that on your own profile.

  26. I think Angela has Down syndrome.

  27. @iPwn I’m sure I’ve seen that on other peoples statuses as well… Ah well, maybe my facebook is an anomaly.

  28. glueyourfingers

    Bryony isn’t an invented knockoff of Bryan. It’s the name of a type of vine. It’s actually fairly common in Britain.

  29. lol

  30. Haha. I thought you said a type of WINE, and i was like, “Iron-yyyyy!” But, you said vine. 🙁

  31. Sarah is a fucking looser, she must have got plastered on her own and had nothing better to do than update her status – VIA TEXT MESSAGE! that’s fucking lame.

  32. In my opinion Tanja is a worse name than Bryony.

  33. Sarah needs to be slapped. Worthy of “hide” and so close to “remove from friends”.

  34. @ Meggy:

    Bryan is my husband’s name. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.


  35. AAAaaaannnd…. Bryony is no longer with us.

  36. I have Bryony on facebook, it’s a popular welsh name.
    Also, in the end she ended up having over 80 likes, but unfortunately she’s still with us.

  37. We’re going to be reading a news article in a few days entitled “56 people charged with involuntary manslaughter”

  38. @ 31 Ben – my exact thoughts!

    @ 32 Ganet – I think both are equally heinous names! =)

    How about we pick on the name ‘Tomos’ now? Thoughts?

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