Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brain Drains

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  1. Excellent. An uninformed rant about Europe accusing someone else of an uninformed rant about America. Because, yes, of course, all european countries are exactly the same and have identical systems of government and all do exactly the same things in exactly the same way.
    And it’s spelled racist, moron.
    Bored now.

  2. Well first, “Europe” is not a country, and second, “Europe” doesn’t “regulate every aspect of our lives” nor does it “handle out piles of tax payer money” to those who don’t need it nor deserve it.

    If you must know, there has been a strong debate for some years now on whether the European Union should evolve into a real Federal body or remain as it is right now.

    More on the former “three pillars” of the EU and kind of a system is the European Union can be found here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_pillars_of_the_European_Union

  3. I’m a vaginatarian. Humans as a species are meant to eat meat to stay healthy and it’s one of the main reasons why we’ve evolved (except the americans, who haven’t evolved, ever). Veggie-eating bitches are just pretentious idiots, that’s all.

  4. Geez, Dids. You should copyright that shit. Your opinion would make millions. “Veggie-eating bitches are just pretentious idiots, that’s all.” < that's best-seller material right there. We'll over-look all the reasons people might have for being vegetarian – no one really cares about that anyway.

  5. As much as i’d like not to even acknowledge you Dids, your a prick, that’s all.

  6. @Dids. I don’t deny the first part of your post: Evolutionarily humans are somewhat equipped to eat meat. What I don’t really see is why that makes any difference. “It’s natural” is a pretty weak argument, for a couple of reasons, really. One is that tradition, even natural tradition, doesn’t necessarily determine morality. Furthermore, our traditional lifestyle is set to match a set of conditions which no longer quite apply. For instance, we as a species are conditioned by evolution to desire certain types of food (sugars, salts) and care for others less, and we do so because in the past these things would be hard to come by. Now, however, it’s all too easy to attain these substances, so we have to issue a sort of restraint.

    Yes, I’m a pescatarian. But not because I’m an idiot. And not because I’m a bitch (as I’m male). Partly because I’m pretentious. But mostly because I think animal rights are important.

    @Jim_diGris. There are certain levels of concern people have in terms of animal rights. Many people consider chickens and cows in separate categories, and fish in an even lower one (as a pescatarian I do.) Even the Buddhist monks understand that you can’t avoid killing some level of life (even heating a pan to cook veggies in kills many bacteria.) But to an extent, abstaining from one sort of meat still seems to be a step further than abstaining from no types of meat. I’m not saying that one person is better than another for a choice, but rather trying to say that there’s more to it than you may realize.

    I must state here that I’m not trying to be raging or an asshole or anything, but rather I think there’s a lot of confusion I’d like to clear up about the whole animal rights community.

    Well, there are my two cents. My first post, by the way. Eek.

  7. happyslaughterhouse

    Yeeeaah…… I like bacon.

    Vegetables aren’t food. Vegetables are what food eats.

  8. the adoption papers one is copied from TextsFromLastNight.


  9. I loved the adoption papers post. I don’t care if it is a copy, it’s still funny.

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