Monday, March 19, 2012


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  1. This is what I hate about Facebook. Constant documentation of your every action and thought makes you look like the idiot you are. I sincerely hope Ashleys love life goes to shit, I hope she dies alone.

  2. Oh, people like her don’t die alone. They tend to cling on to any wife-beating drunk they can get their claws into once their looks fade. After fucking up their childrens lives with the to-ing and fro-ing they and their retarded sperm-donors engage in, of course.

  3. I just hope the video of her wedding consummation ends up on Facebook, too.

  4. Soapoperabook

  5. Freaky! Her engagement ring looks almost exactly like mine in size and style of the band and diamond!

    But seriously.. some people. lol

  6. christopherlovet

    Woke up with a clear head indeed. Ooh, shiny! Forget everything I just said.

  7. Yep. Who said women aren’t shallow?

  8. After a very long talk? I bet my life savings that all Jason had to do was whip out the ring, and her mind was made up to give him another chance.

    Poor daughter.

    Here’s another one, Social Services!

  9. Girl has some ugly ass “man-hands”
    If her hands are that rugged, I dont even want to see what the face looks like – so I dont even think the ring was needed to win her over, desperation won that game. She probably just put the status on facebook to give the guy a scare (or to force a proposal out of him – because by making it that public the whole world now knows hes a douchebag, so he had to step up)
    I give them a month.

  10. Sam I like your point:). Probably very true too. I still beg the point that she’s a shallow bitch though. shoulda given her a vibrating ring instead if you know what in saying.

    Oh btw. I hereby summon cap’n to this thread….

    Knowing my luck MS will show up instead.

  11. She will more than likely purchase the “vibrating ring” after the month is up :p

  12. That’d be right.nice of you to return Sam. Was getting bored

  13. Always there for my friends, and MOST of all, the haters, “HATA’S BE MUH MOTIVATORS!”

  14. Thanks dam:d. Just to piss ms off I should say something in Afrikaans.

  15. thenativeintelligence

    ^Hoer! Hoer!

  16. I feel like a Pokemon…haha…I think you guys nailed this one, not only does this make her appear extremely shallow/bi-polar as fuck, but on top of those manly looking hands, it begs me to ask how many numbers she manages to hit with those FAT fucking knobs attached to them when she picks up the phone. Looking at the detail in them I also can’t help but wonder as her two left fingers have an odd brownish tint to them. Is she doing that whole insta-tan thing, or in a last ditch effort to beg her for forgiveness for fucking her sister he hid that ring up his arse and let her quite literally mine for diamonds in that cavernous hole? They seem like the type that would be into that kinda thing eh?

  17. Marmite mining with those fucking stumpy little sausages? I bet she’s worn a muzzle on several occasions for trying to eat herself. Unless he’s been to prison I doubt she’s gunna get a single finger past his sphincter. Unless she’s a real masochistic bitch – and let’s be honest, it’s a possiblity – and wants to get the roofies into play. Lube those big old man fists with her own fishy fanny batter and ram them both up his anus simultaneously and just fucking deal with the consequences of changing his nappy for the next 30 years. I can sorta see that.

    Vibrating ring? I bet the dumb bitch thinks it’s a fucking cheerio and tries to eat it.

  18. You’d better get on that bandwagon, Kirby.

    Oh, wait, I think you already did. Too bad it’s a sham.

  19. Anal SPELUNKING! With a couple of arms like hers his ass end’s going to end up as a damn tourist trap!

  20. Stick some bees and a honey comb in there it’ll end up a honey pot.

  21. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Fuck me sideways, didn’t think it possible to ever agree with anything Sammy has to say. Those really are some serious man hands.

  22. Ashley’s ring is probably a zircon. Yours too, chic_urbanity.

  23. Now Lamebook is deleting the spam comments, which means my previous comment makes absolutely no sense. Lovely.

    They’re all just a bunch of rocks. A ring can’t stop a hole.

  24. ^ Has imaginary frenemy called Kirby.

    But yeah, Ashley deserves to have an unhappy marriage after this ridiculousness. Not only does she tell her FB friends that she’s leaving her man before he knows, but she’s willing to backflip over a bit o’ bling. Pfft.

  25. don’t be so harsh. she was thinking with a broken heart, you know.

  26. ^ Broken heart, or empty stomach?

  27. empty vag.

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