Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Breaking Jessie

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  1. Apply yourself, Jesse.

  2. So what’s everyone’s theory on what WILL happen at the end of BB? I’m guessing Walt has to kill everyone and his family gets murdered and the end is just him all alone with his money.

  3. ^ My theory? It will be canceled.

  4. You can’t end that show without a body count…

    Skylar has to die. Question is who kills her…

  5. This summer they’re airing the final 8 episodes to wrap up the series. cancel schmancel

    I have a similar theory. The body count is going to go up, preferably in this order.
    1) Walt’s crippled whiney bitch son.
    2) Ok who am i kidding. He’s the only one i want to see stuffed in a used methylamine barrel filled with hydrofluoric acid :mrgreen:

    It’s not that i’m unsympathetic to victims of cerebral palsy, I just can’t stand that little bitch attitude.

  6. I reckon Walter will become more and more immoral, killing anyone who gets in his way, including Hank, Skyler and that weasel Todd.
    He will become so unlikeable that we the audience will cheer vociferously when Jesse (or possibly Marie) kills Walter with a nail gun.

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  8. New word of the day: Muptil – the act of running over a Muppet with a rototiller.

    He killed that guy in the basement
    (mexican that was handcuffed)
    That guy asked for his crust to be cut off and ever since then, Walt cuts his crust.
    Walt takes on attributes of people that he’s killed.
    Remember Walt shredded his own bacon to form his age number at ihop? And Skyler used to do the same thing.

  10. I’ll have my muptil toasted please

  11. I don’t think it will be as simple as killing Skylar. I think the story will go in that direction but will take a bizarre twist. The question is whether Walt will redeem himself in some way, which is what I think will happen. That would bring things full circle IMO. And I hope we get to see a bit more of Badger and Skinny Pete!!!

  12. @ binky, that’s friggin smart. I like it. I’m sharing.

    Seeing Skylar reminds me of Sylar from Heroes… That was Sylars super power too! OMG you’re totally onto something here!

    …… …

  13. Aww, I can’t take credit for that =/ my brother is the one who mentioned it to me.

    I had to look up Sylar because I’ve never seen Heroes =P

    And by the way, binky sounds so cute ^_^
    Shpanks, awesome nickname.

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