Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brian the Buster

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  1. Fake. Brian is a loser.

  2. The teacher knows his class is bullshit.. That’s why he’s checking his Facebook too.

  3. So grammar and spelling lessons are no longer given in the classroom, but on Facebook? Way to go, teach!

  4. I thought most schools banned students and teachers from being FB friends.

  5. @ 4

    It’s funny how people always assume that most *whatever* act the same way as the one that they’re used to.

    That’s why Elsior assumes most people are molested by his uncle

  6. Brian is going to bust Jake’s ass!

  7. beatusmongous

    At least he didn’t write, “board.”

  8. tellingitreal

    that moment when you realize this is the 60th time something like this has already been posted on lamebook.

  9. I highly doubt this

  10. @5, FB wasn’t even around when I was in school, so I’m not used to anything, it’s just what I’ve heard from people.

  11. Jake is stupid for friending his teacher, but why does he have to see the teacher after class? The teacher shouldn’t care that much or even waste his time.

  12. Brian is clearly also bored with his bullshit class.

  13. da damn teacher corrected his “*you’re” right..but fukd his own “you’re” bout *your teach..priceless

  14. HA!!! Tag alfa, you’re it!!!!

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