Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bring It Home!

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  1. STEVEN!!!!!


  3. If parents name their children ‘Brandy’, why don’t they name them ‘Whiskey’ or ‘Beer’?

  4. I don’t get the first one. You get to eat the lobsters’ homes? What does that even mean?

  5. Chinchillazilla, that means that ‘Mollee’ would benefit from an ice-pick lobotomy.

  6. ahat, it seems to me parents should name their male children ‘Wine Cooler,’ because that’s what girls love to suck down.
    Also, Brady, don’t forget the blowjobs. We want those even more than sandwiches.

  7. Brandy and Brady?? Far out.

  8. At least Steven was moderately funny

  9. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

  10. @ahat: They don’t name them “whiskey” or “beer” as those aren’t white trailer trash stripper names, like “Brandy”

  11. Sandwich jokes, those fucking God awful “that awkward moment when” intros and yet more virus links, I’ve run out of groans.

  12. MsAnneThrope, you’re “ice-pick lobotomy” made my day. Thanks.

  13. Steven was modestly funny….thanks to Status Shuffle, so basically his greatest accomplishment was to click “Shuffle” until he saw something funny, then copy and paste it…I guess he deserves credit for at least recognizing funny…and knowing how to ctrl-c

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